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Walking WeHo Wisely…

One of the most important things that we can do to protect ourselves is to be prepared.  West Hollywood is not immune to crime.  And our city’s Public Safety Division, in partnership with the LA Sheriff’s Department, work every day to curb crime and make our city safe.  That said, we are a destination city with lots of restaurants, nightclubs, bars, coffee houses, cultural events and the like driving many people into the city.   (And helping our local economy)

Frankly, we are also sometimes targets.  We’re here, we’re spending money, we have the latest smart phone, lap top, etc.  For the past 8 years, as a member of the Public Safety Commission, we are often at city events, neighborhood meetings, and other local sites educating on Emergency Preparedness, Vehicle Burglary Prevention, Crosswalk Safety and other topics through our Live, Work, Play – Be Safe Public Safety Education Campaign.  It also includes Street Robbery  Prevention.  Here I will list a few ways in which you can take steps to not be a victim of a crime.

Avoid Walking Alone at Night.  There is safety in numbers.

Walk with Confidence.  A little attitude can help.

Stay Alert.  See what is going on around you.

Keep Valuables Hidden.  Phone, Cash, Etc…

Stay Sober enough to take care of yourself.  Don’t be easy prey.

WeHo Sheriff’s Station is 310.855.8850.  Not all cell service connects to our local station by dialing 911.  911 is good, but it may delay depending on service.

Click here to view more information on Street Robbery Prevention.

Click here to view all of the Live, Work, Play – Be Safe brochures.

Together we can support each other and keep ourselves safe.


Sunset Strip Music Festival: August 26 – 28

The third annual Sunset Strip Musical Festival kicks off on Thursday, August 26 and continues through Saturday, August 28th.

Slash, Fergie, Common, the Smashing Pumpkins and WeHo favorites, Steel Panther are all participating in this years festival.

Check out the web site for all of the details.

Heave Ho to the HOB???

WeHo City Councilmember John Heilman has taken a bold step and is publicly calling to task the business practices of the historic House of Blues on Sunset.  From September 2007 through September 2008 there have been over 100 Sheriff’s radio dispatches (law enforcement calling for additional assistance) and 44 arrests at the location.  In early September the Sunset Strip had to be shut down for several hours due to a fight that included over 100 patrons both inside and outside of the venue.  Over the past 6 months fights and injuries have increased.  City staff has met with HOB managment on numerous occasions but no significant changes have been made.  Public Safety and Neighborhood Livability are among the top reasons why people choose to live, and why people choose to play, in West Hollywood.  Businesses with complete disregard for safety and community should be held accountable.  The move could result in the HOB eventually losing their business license.  Stay tuned, I will keep you posted on the outcome.