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West Hollywood Halloween 2011

.. the City of West Hollywood hosts one of the largest Halloween Celebrations in the country.  Check out the city web site – weho.org for all f the best information.


West Hollywood’s long awaited Library + Book Fair

The City of West Hollywood will host the Dedication and Grand Opening of the new West Hollywood Library on Saturday, October 1, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 625 N. San Vicente Boulevard.

The City of West Hollywood will host the 10th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at the new West Hollywood Library and West Hollywood Park, 647 North San Vicente Boulevard in West Hollywood. The West Hollywood Book Fair is one of Southern California’s largest, most eclectic literary events attracting readers and writers of all ages and interests. 

Click on the images for full details…. 

Sunset Strip Music Festival rocks West Hollywood

August 18 – 20, 2011 brings the fourth annual Sunset Strip Music Festival, which celebrates the music and icons that have made an impact on the legacy of The Strip. The event debuted in 2008 .

MÖTLEY CRÜE is the 2011 recipient of the “Elmer Valentine Award” for their contributions to the history of The Sunset Strip. The Thursday, Aug. 18 award ceremony at House of Blues Sunset Strip will kick off the fourth annual event.

It’s an honor to be recognized by the Sunset Strip Music Festival,” said MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee. “It means a lot to us that we are recognized for our contribution to this historic place.”

MÖTLEY CRÜE got their start on The Sunset Strip, as they performed many nights at the Whisky A Go-Go and The Roxy Theatre. The band also filmed their “Kickstart My Heart” video at the Whisky and for a while lived just up the street from the venue on Clark Street, making The Sunset Strip their official home.

For complete information – SSMF 

LA PRIDE hits WeHo….

.. Starting on June 1, LA PRIDE takes over all things WeHo and LA.

Why Walking WeHo is Wonderful…..

Here’s a snippet of why I love my (unconventional) life and why Walking WeHo has it’s advantages.  One week:

Saturday, April 9 – while finishing up a breakfast meeting at Hugo’s with the amazing Team from The Buddy System, get flagged over to chat for a few minutes (complete with hug) with one of my new favorite people, John A. Perez, the smart and talented Speaker of the California Assembly.  Yeah, that’s right.

Sunday, April 10 – honored to be on the Judges panel of the Miss Queen USA Pageant with amazingly beautiful transgender contestants.  Get seated next to the hilarious Maria Roman who stars in Wild Things on Showtime.

Monday, April 11 – Chair the televised meeting of the City of West Hollywood Public Safety Commission.

Tuesday, April 12 – A full day (12 hours) of working with the amazing team producing LA PRIDE.

Wednesday, April 13 – Barge in on Ru Paul‘s breakfast meeting to discuss some opportunities.   He, told me, to send her a She Mail.  (Ooh Girl!)

Thursday, April 14 – Post on Facebook about the use of the F word by an LA Laker (no name here, yuck) and among those that comment on my post, one of my heroes who changed my life, Mr. Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN and now Assistant Deputy Secretary of Safe & Drug Free Schools for the US Dept of Education.  (yah, huh!)   Later a quick dash into Marix for a “walking homo drink” brings face time with some of my favs including; Miss Misty Cooper, 1/2 of the genius behind Yogurt Stop; Mister Jeffrey “the Huff” Huffer, man of all things Economic Development for the City of WeHo; Madame Lynn LeMay, needs no intro; and sweet Nelson, Server Extraordinaire (and former MA resident) at the Cafe D’Etoile.  These folks were all there separately, for the record.

Friday, April 15 – Running late afternoon/early evening errands in The Village (I don’t, and won’t, call it Boystown), and Romper-Bomper-Stomper-Boo I see; Keith Hoffman, Some of the Trevor Project Boys, David McFarland, Sean McManus, Chris Hernandez, and then the Cafe D boys, Randy Medina,  Sean Chandler, Kent Wilson, Tom Roush, among others.

Saturday, April 16 – Off to the office to work on the magazine and Ru Paul waves and shouts good morning.  Walking back later end up walking (weho) with WeHo City Councilmember, Jeff Prang.

And this is why one of the titles being kicked around for my book is Tales of a Fortieth Grade Something.   Life is interesting.

Elizabeth Taylor, the original Fierce Advocate….

All that I keep thinking is that Elizabeth Taylor was the original FIERCE ADVOCATE!  As this coming June is the 30th anniversary of the first HIV/AIDS diagnoses in the country, this is a loss felt by so many affected by this disease.

When my dear friend, Bob Berkeley was near the end of his journey in the early 1990’s people were still scared if he and I would share a meal.  Elizabeth Taylor stood with Rock Hudson, she held his hand, she touched his face and she took a stigma away for millions and showed so many suffering that there was compassion.

Here is link to the wikipedia page on Elizabeth Taylor.

Don’t Smoke on my Food, West Hollywood

On February 7, 2011 a Draft Ordinance will be presented at the West Hollywood City Council to create smoke-free environments on outdoor patios where food is served.  Click here to read the Draft Ordinance.   A few facts to get us quickly up to date:

  1. This item came before the Council in December of 2009 and will not go into affect until January 2012.
  2. The original intention was to create healthier environments decreasing the public’s exposure to second-hand smoke by prohibiting smoking on all outdoor patios.
  3. A Task Force was formed to give input on how this would affect businesses and provided an open forum for public comment.
  4. After months of meetings and having a draft reviewed by the council the new ordinance would now be for restaurants only and allow some restaurant/bar hybrids to create plans to limit smoking during certain hours.
  5. Eleven designated establishments will have until October 1st to present a plan provide a plan where they would be able to offer smoking.
  6. Bars and Nightclubs would be EXEMPT from this ordinance.
  7. There will be an education campaign created to awareness of the dangers of smoking and to offer smoking cessation options.

Here’s what I know.

  1. The Surgeon General recently released a report titled: The Health Consequences of Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco Smoke.  The report included the line, there is no safe level of smoking, not even one per day.  (This is where the smoke advocates will say, don’t be around it)
  2. A recent LA Times article showed that only 13% of Californians smoke as compared to 21% across the country.  The article goes on the say that CA has lead the nation in policy shifts to decrease smoking.  (This is where smoke advocates say that WeHo is unique and should not be like other place.)
  3. Smoking advocates demand their right to smoke but would like to take away others’ right to enjoy an outdoor patio. (This is often where they bring up the smog and other pollutants in the air.)
  4. Business and Smoking Advocates fear that patrons will go elsewhere but don’t take into account that the city of LA will have a similar ordinance in effect beginning in  March of this year.  Beverly Hills already has an ordinance and some businesses here have already begun this with no negative effect.  (And I argue, WeHo is still unique and we have not only survived the horrible economy, in some areas we have thrived)
  5. An education campaign is great and needed.  It will not, however, change everyone’s behavior.  People still text and drive, don’t pick up after their dog’s and leave their valuables unsecured in cars, in bars, and in their shopping carts.
  6. Allowing a year for education and preparing is unnecessary.  The original indoor smoking ordinance took effect within 75 days and WeHo was unscathed.  There has already been a lot of publicity about this since it first came from council in Dec, 2009.  A health hazard doesn’t stall for a year.
  7. 5 feet buffer zone is not enough.  Not nearly enough.  Just walk 15 or 20 feet behind a smoker.
  8. I have lightened my personal position on this somewhat.  I went in agreeing that this needed to be a city wide, bar-nightclub included ordinance.  Having the opportunity to go through the process I do think that, as much as I don’t like it, as long as there is no food service, allow the bars-nightclub, for now, to offer a smoking patio.  The advocates for no new ordinance have not budged as has everyone else.
  9. If you can wait out a 2, 3, 6, 10 hour plane ride without a cigarette, why can’t you wait out the length of a meal?
  10. Smoking kills.  Second-hand smoke is dangerous.  Enjoying a meal outside is a wonderful thing.

Please let the council know your position on this important community issue.

I am sure to take some hits here and that’s okay.  What I know for sure is I barely leave the city and I barely drive.  I support the local economy and the some.  I support cleaner air by sharing a vehicle with my partner and walking to most places.  I understand that we have a healthy night life and rely on it but I also know that of the 38,000 or so residents that live here rely on the council to balance that with neighborhood livability.  I’m Sam Borelli and I wrote this post.