Sam on the Streets





… My Walking WeHo Adventures ~

May, 2010:


My new protege, Jeff Consoletti, at the Music Box event...


Music Box Theatre re-opening..

You gotta love an acrobat...


contemplating at Marix with the B-Man (T Roush photo cred)


Joel the Mahr making on the Wiesenbacher!


Jenny, George, Sam celebrating G's MBA from USC.


Stephanie and my West Coast Sister-Girlfriend, Kerri Kleiner


with HJ David Ambroz at his open house...

My godson, Michael Yessaian is working on his colors so sent me this.

Jessica travelled to FRANCE recently and knows that I am a Monet fan.  I couldn’t believe that “the bridge” looks like it looked!

Looking good in 2010

end of April, 2010:


Smiling Jerry always fun, nice and easy on the eyes at Hamburger Mary's

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom Walkin' WeHo

All the Boys gravitate toward Gavin

What Popular, Handsome WeHo Council Deputy was "scene" behind bars?

DLB laying low having some Jo at the CB SMB..

Eddie post NOH8 photo shoot showing his Saturday Night Special....

Saw some Boys hangin’ at the MotherLode on Sunday:


Team Diversity!

My Arch Nemesis, Crag... ooops, Craig!

The B-Man’s own personal Snuggy!





April Fool’s Weekend (yeah, I celebrate it for a few days):

Philippe at Plaisir mastering a DEEElicious Nutella Crepe for the group!

Hmmmmm, the Masterpiece!

Eric gets the S'Ambush photography treatment

The Boys out on the town to celebrate Tom R.'s Birthday!

Caught this bird on the billboard. Hope he didn't poop on her!

End of March, 2010:

Rooftop at Petit Ermitage Hotel in West Hollywood during Miss Jessica’s visit.  AWESOME rooftop.

Awesome Sunset

Fire Place, Movie Screen, Popcorn, BIg Sofa's, Throw Blankets...

Best friend, Michele, of 38 years visits from MA:

Michele Walks WeHo

Craig at the Abbey (with drink) on an early WeHo morning.

Ahhh, 38 years and only one fight (she won) - Tango Grill

You don't stop in WeHo without Pumping Your Own and Yogurt Stop

The B-Man and Justin Schneider

Hmmmm, The Griddle for Breakfast

The B-Man's Pancake Moat with Bacon rafts

I LOVE THIS! I had to yell at them both to open their Damn eyes!

Later that night Randy & Eric came over to play games and eat…

They really got into the Wii thingy..

Randy vs. Eric - to the death!

Danny Duran and Blaine Rushing's early morning stroll on Marathon Day

Early March, 2010:

Alert WW Fan, Tony Biel, spotted this funny billboard change on Sunset!

This first one is funny because the B-Man and Tom Weedon dragged me to see Alice in Wonderland.  B looked at me and started chuckling, “You look like the old man from Up“.  You all be the judge….

B-Man or Man from Up?

Just thrilled to be at a kids film...

Weedon's head is so large that they look like ski goggles.

Saw that Doll, Ed Ramsey, working his wares at the Container Store in Century City. He snapped a pic with Paris Hilton last week so I thought that I would swing in and keep his celebrity profile in tact.

On Tuesday, March 9, a car pulled in front of me to get on to Santa Monica Blvd and then realized had pulled too far out and then backed up into me. Yes, I put my hand out to stop it. Not the best move but sometimes I think that I have super human strength.

Look closely and you can see the Hail - Oscar Sunday, March 2010

Yet another beautiful WeHo sunrise

End of February, 2010:

The B-Man, Randy and I took that Old Girl, Tom Weedon, out for some birthday fun.  We kicked it off at Cafe La Boheme in WeHo.  I love their Happy Hour.  I call it adult drinking.  The lounge is comfortable and well designed after their renovations a few years back.  Really relaxed and they have 7 Martini’s for $7.00.

See how I can make their heads look HUGE!

Randy adoringly listening to my stories. (Caption over Randy - Shut Up!)

We then Walked WeHo over to Marix because that is what we do.  Marix is a West Hollywood institution and is celebrating its 25th year this month.

Damn Tom Weedon never takes a bad picture.... until.....

Whoopsie.... Maybe one Margarita too many. Cream Puff's from Plaisir.

No worries, another beautiful Pink & Blue WeHo Sunrise the following morning.

Valentine’s Weekend, February 2010:






WeHo Councilmember's Horvath & Prang welcome participant's at Generations Town Hall.

The Amazing CHRIS ANGEL MURPHY is a panelist at Generations Event! (Green Shirt)


Hey Cool, there's my Protect Your Identity banner behind the participants.

Rot Row - Someone lost their Heart (balloon)

Why was Jason Boegh, along with sister Tori, dodging the S'Ambush Photographer?

Yo Sto was busy on V-Day!

Even Elmo hit the Streets of West Hollywood looking for some Valentine's Day Love!

January 26, 2010:      RuPaul’s Drag Race Premiere Party

Thanks to my good friend, Doug B and new friend, Aaron B, I was able to attend the premiere party of the much anticipated second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race at Eleven sponsored by Absolut!   RuPaul was there as well as some of this season’s, and last season’s, contestants.  Fun and hilarity ensued and we got the view the first episode right up until the first elimination.  Don’t forget to Lip Sync for your life!

RuPaul's Drag Race takes over Eleven...

Cory and Pal serve up delicious Absolut Beverages!

RuPaul takes the stage to introduce the first episode...

Are you ready to Lip Sync for your life?

Miss Kitty herself made an appearance with Sister Sean...

Miss Kitty insists on being photographed for Walking WeHo!

January 1 – 16, 2010:


Look who turned up IN the Freak Show at Venice Beach!


Me & Amy at the Yo Sto


At the Abbey with B-Man, Chris & Amy before she leaves to study in Ireland.

Julie learns how to Pump It at YoSto!


Viewing CBS's Julie Chen's stint at our very own Yogurt Stop.


Beautiful WeHo Sunrise...


There she is, The Mother Borelli


Some kind of glow thing that John & the B-Man did.


Godson John gives me a Thumbs Up on his Xmas Gifts!

John prepares to open his gifts..

December, 2009:


An AMAZING WeHo Sunrise on New Year's weekend!


Yep, I am with a Christmas Tree, so there!


Mama Beck (and Wallace Family members) visited me at the Abbey!


Got to spend a few moments with the darling, Michael Medico at Ed Stanley's Xmas weekend brunch.


Borelli tries to recapture the high-hair days of the 90's.


The Gingerbread House competition was ON at Queen's Xmas '09! Robbed!


The B-Man LOVES a Big Burrito! Queen's Xmas 2009.


Sam celebrates the big FIVE OH. No, 50,000 miles on the Volvo.


8 years, 10 months, 2 drivers, the Volvo gets ready for 50,000!


Borelli delivers a Turkey to Tom at the Cafe d'Etoile. They then delivered a bunch of turkeys to PATH - People Assisting The Homeless.


Joel Mahr is a Super Star!


John Harper, Tom Weedon and I toast to Trevor's success.


A stranger, an excited to see me David Ambroz and I at The Trevor Project's Cracked Xmas 12.


Hey, It was Toy Box toy drive, I was only there to support Santa (JR at Micky's)


I could see snow... from my house! Ahhhhh!


Matt Dillon totally cruised me at the Spirit Awards Nomination Announcement

November, 2009:


Borelli, B-Man, the Mother & Sister take in Balboa Island somewhere in the OC

Don't Jump Mom

A Beautiful Day at Balboa Island...

The City of West Hollywood celebrated its 25th anniversary at BOA on the world famous Sunset Strip on November 24, 2009.  More photo’s available on the main page.


Borelli celebrates WeHo's 25th!

These BOA servers put on quite a show!


The World's FIRST Transgender Memorial, West Hollywood, Nov, 2009


Jake & Karina lead the Transgender DOR event, Nov 20, 2009


Chaz Bono at the WeHo Transgender Day of Remembrance, Nov 20, 2009











Borelli & Randy enjoy a warm day at Pink Taco at Century City Mall, Nov 23, 2009

Yes, they were as good as they looked! And, it was 80 degrees on Nov 23


Borelli Can Cook (and take photos simultaneously) Nov 18, 2009


The Buddy System Buddies, Sam Borelli & Ed Stanley @ JMB B-day, Nov 14


Beer, Tom Weedon, Ricardo, JMB 40th Birthday Boy & Borelli at Formosa Cafe, Nov 14, 2009


Adorable Cary Fetman on his Birthday, with Tyrel (No Arthur B for the record)


Rededication Sal Guarriello Veterans Memorial Park, November, 2009


Borelli grows beard for Movember, Men's Health Awareness


Red Sky Morning, November 13, 2009

Red Sky Morning, November 13, 2009

OctoberFest in West Hollywood.  Sightings have included:

Umbach, Borelli, Tasendo hold court at GYM Bar opening night.

Umbach, Borelli, Tasendo hold court at GYM Bar opening night.

Amber Tamblyn reading poetry at WeHo Book Fair...

Amber Tamblyn reading poetry at WeHo Book Fair...

Fake Jan & Real Cindy Brady at Book Fair

Fake Jan & Real Cindy Brady at Book Fair

Weedon & Borelli lunch at La Abbey

Weedon & Borelli lunch at La Abbey

Walkers prepare for the AIDS Walk

Walkers prepare for the AIDS Walk

25th Annual AIDS Walk

25th Annual AIDS Walk

Peter & Michael at Terroni

Peter & Michael at Terroni celebrating P's Big Four Oh.

September 26, 27, 28 2009 – The B-Man and I headed over to the Feast of San Gennaro festival for some good Italian Culture (Food).  Of course, I was ‘mistakenly’ calling it Sam Gennaro all night.

Sam Gennaro

My two sides together, Maternal I am a Precious, Paternal I am Borelli.

My two sides together; Maternal I am a Precious, Paternal I am Borelli.

Pizza, Pasta, Calzone, Canoli... Heaven!

Pizza, Pasta, Calzone, Canoli... Heaven!

Oops, guess the B-Man is not happy that I took the last bite!

Oops, guess the B-Man is not happy that I took the last bite!

On Sunday, we did a little Walking WeHo and caught caught up on S’Ambush Photography.

Mr. Sweetness, Joel wyatt!

Mr. Sweetness, Joel Wyatt!

Sexy Mr. Justin Schneider

Sexy Mr. Justin Schneider

Justin S

Totally S'Ambushed Erik Braverman!

Totally S'Ambushed Erik Braverman!

Nope, I can't say who this is.  He is Two Well known.

Nope, I can't say who this is. He is Two Well known.

Enjoying your weenie, dear?

Enjoying your weenie, dear?

Richard C holding court at Rage

Richard C holding court at Rage

Craig S the Birthday Boy Scream Queen

Craig S the Birthday Boy Scream Queen

I let him pose for his B-Day!

I let him pose for his B-Day!

On Monday, September 28, there was an apartment fire on the 900 Block of West Knoll.  No injuries reported, Red Cross on the scene, Beverly Hills backed us up and the great LA County Fire Department knocked it down!

Fire Trucks

Fire 1

Fire 2Fire 3

Recent Walking WeHo street scenes and adventures have include time with Peter C, a good guy and great trainer, drinks with Asher at O-Bar, Lunches I packed for some of the homeless folks that I see regularly, Blue Sky by Day (no smoke in the air) and Red Sky at Night (A Sailor’s Delight), and Good Year Blimp fly-over.

Peter CAshPacked lunchesBlue Skies over WeHoRed Sky over WeHoGoodyear Blimp

Wednesday, September 9th: The Adorable Dwayne Landry tried to sneak in a quick trip to the Yogurt Stop but was S’Ambushed!

Dwayne - Cold Busted

Saturday, August 8 ~ Well my day started with some delicious looking flowers that my cleaning lady brought.  Yup, she brings me Rrrrrrossss’as!  They opened up beautifully.  Following that I met Ed and Joey at Basix Cafe for a Buddy System Breakfast.  The Buddy System is a program, launching this fall, that partners an LGBT Senior Buddy with a younger generation Junior Buddy.  The idea is to foster intergenerational interaction and mutual companionship.  There will be a full post about The Buddy System in the coming weeks.  And later the Sisters came together to mark the one year LEGAL MARRIAGE of our dear Sean & David.  we played some pool, dined at Marix and had tons of fun.

Gorgeous Rose's brought to us by the Rosario's...

Gorgeous Rose's brought to us by the Rosario's...

Eddie, Sam, Joey work out some final details for the Buddy System

Eddie, Sam, Joey work out some final details for the Buddy System

Rook with the Pool Sharkerelli...

Rook with the Pool Sharkerelli...

One year legal, 18 years together...

One year legal, 18 years together...

Celebrating the Boys

Celebrating the Boys

The most delicious Ganache Cake from Gelson's.  We ate it all...

The most delicious Ganache Cake from Gelson's. We ate it all...

A few days prior I caught some shots while Walking WeHo.

The view from San Vicente on National Night Out.

The view from San Vicente on National Night Out.

Jordan & John were S'Ambushed at St. Felix

Jordan & John were S'Ambushed at St. Felix

Brad & Scott took time to pose...

Brad & Scott took time to pose...

Gays & Dolls at the H-wood Bowl...

Gays & Dolls at the H-wood Bowl...

August 6th: Word on the Streets is that there is something cooking at the recently closed Normandie Room in West Hollywood.  GYM, the well-known NYC Sports Bar, may very well be moving into that location.  Ill keep you posted.

August begins in West Hollywood:








Pavilions lives on....

Pavilions lives on....

Ahh, the Volvo, with only 48,000 miles in 8.5 years, sits along side her Silver Car brothers and sisters.

Ahh, the Volvo, with only 48,000 miles in 8.5 years, sits alongside her Silver Car brothers and sisters. Silver = less washing!

Just another street scene while chillaxin' at the Yogurt Stop

Just another street scene while chillaxin' at the Yogurt Stop


Thursday, July 30: Sam on the Streets was taken to the Orange County Fair.  It was all about the Food & the People Watching.  The Food was fried, battered, deep fried or Barbecued.  Deliciousness at its finest.  I was chaperoned by David, Sean, Randy & Miss Kitty.  Mike & Mark joined us there.  Good times!


Yes, that sign reads; Chocolate Covered Bacon...

Yes, that sign reads; Chocolate Covered Bacon...

The Chocolate Covered Bacon was surprisingly not bad.

The Chocolate Covered Bacon was surprisingly not bad.


Battered Potatoes with Warm Cheese was a real hit...

Battered Potatoes with Warm Cheese was a real hit...


A David Leeper Favorite

A David Leeper Favorite

Hmmmmm, BBQ Texas-sized Turkey Leg..

Hmmmmm, BBQ Texas-sized Turkey Leg..

All washed down with Ice Cold Beer..

All washed down with Ice Cold Beer..

That's my Cupcake (Sean) checking out the Cupcakes.

That's my Cupcake (Sean) checking out the Cupcakes.

Kitty & Randy went riding...

Kitty & Randy went riding...

They went round and round and up and down...

They went round and round and up and down...


Finishing the day with some Chocolate Covered Oreo...

Finishing the day with some Chocolate Covered Oreo...

I had a food coma morning on Friday. I got up.  I put on the workout clothes.  I posted on FB.  That was exhausting. I sat back on the sofa.  I chilled for a few hours.  Once a year it is a must.


Sunday, July 19: I knew that the head cold was coming but going to Marix and swinging by the Red Dress Party is a tradition, even if much smaller this year, that couldn’t be missed.

My excitement rose when in (WeHo) Walked NBC’s Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper.  So here’s the deal, I posted way back in April that Bob was at Starbuck’s.  Since then Walking WeHo has received thousands of hits to that post.  There are lots of people out there interested in Bob.  The title, Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper at the Big Gay Starbuck’s in West Hollywood.   The searches that are loaded into search engines that bring people to that?  Is Bob Harper Gay?  Bob Harper Gay?  Biggest Loser Bob Gay?

Bob Hrper

Now hey, there is nothing wrong with being Gay.  And I actually don’t know Bob’s status.  He has a HUGE following.  His Facebook Fan page has almost 12,000 Fans. Good for him.  I watched the Biggest Loser for the first time this past season.  He clearly loves what he does and genuinely cares about the people that he works with.  I find it fascinating that this is what people want to know.  And, I appreciate his posing for a pic with me (unflattering for me).

We (The B-Man, Tom, Tom and I) then ate, drank and merrily made our way for a Sameo Appearance at the Red Dress at Gold Coast.  We saw some folks that prefered NOT to have their photo taken.  Following that we made our way to play some pool at the MotherLode where we saw Steve M, Craig S, Ricki R and some others.  We never did play pool.  Yogurt Stop was our final stop.



Did you notice my bulging bicep?


The Tom's


Chest up and Chest Out...

It's pronounced... Ho Elle

It's pronounced... Ho Elle

S'Ambush Photography...

S'Ambush Photography...

Steve and Craig make a Samwich...

Steve and Craig make a Samwich...


Jason O was incognit-O walking (weho) by the Yogurt Stop.. we got you!

Jason O was incognit-O walking (weho) by the Yogurt Stop.. we got you!


Tuesday, July 14, 42nd Birthday: So my (Boy) Sisters took me to Marix for an early Taco Tuesday and then on to the MotherLode for a few rounds of Pool.

A few of my favorite things: Marix Tex-Mex, Creampuff Cake, Friends, and a Really Good Hair Day!

A few of my favorite things: Marix Tex-Mex, Creampuff Cake, Friends, and a Really Good Hair Day!

Creampuff Cake

My Evil (Boy) Sister, Randy

My Evil (Boy) Sister, Randy

Sean cheers me on during my 3 losses to David...

Sean cheers me on during my 3 losses to David...

Damn Magic Ball lots of unraveling, no big pay off...

Damn Magic Ball lots of unraveling, no big pay off... It was a GREAT Birthday night. FYI - David & the B-Man were camera shy!

Sat, July 11 – I got a pass to leave WeHo and took the B-Man and Posse to Dave & Buster’s in Arcadia to celebrate his 40th birthday.  Good times!

Leading him Over-the-Hill...

Leading him Over-the-Hill...

Easy Riders..

Easy Riders..


Just like Squirrel hunting back home...

Just like Squirrel hunting back home...


I'm a'scared of Ryan now!

I'm a'scared of Ryan now!

Tuesday, July 7 – Met one of my favorite people, Mr. Sean McManus, out for a beverage at Micky’s.  Sean and I served together on the Trevor Project Board of Directors (he’s still there, I am emeritus).  Sean & Jim had gone to the MJ Memorial and he wanted to give me the lowdown. We were joined by fellow Trevor Board Members, “The Don” Jim Murphy, Ron Valdez, Scott McPhail & Meredith Kadlec.  (Sorry, forgot to photo everyone).

Everyone adores Sean McManus...

Everyone adores Sean McManus...

McPhail, with Murphy, gives me the death stare.

McPhail, with Murphy, gives me the death stare.

July 9th headed out with the (boy) Sisters for some Pool, Food & Fun.  We hit a quick game at the MotherLode and then chowed down at the Tango Grille before heading next door to Trunks for more pool sharking.

Miss Kitty celebrates a shot (of Gin)

Miss Kitty celebrates a shot (of Gin)

Cupcake & Creampuff (Sean & David) 18 years together...

Cupcake & Creampuff (Sean & David) 18 years together...

Borelli sinks 8 Ball to win second game in a row (with partner David)

Borelli sinks 8 Ball to win second game in a row (with partner David)

Friday, July 10 – The B-Man (finally) gets back from his biz trip to San Fran and we head for a late (9:00 pm) dinner at Mexico on SMB in WeHo.  I’m going to say that the food was very tasty, the service, hmmm, not slow but not as attentive as we like.  It was, though, a perfect night to sit outside and eat.  We also spotted a local CelebreGay that may, or may not, have wanted to be seen.  I took a fuzzy snap to protect his “innocence”.


Did he, or did he not, want to be seen/scene?

Did he, or did he not, want to be seen/scene?

July 3 – The Sisters and Friends went to the Cafe D’ to celebrate the birthday of our dearest Sean “Cupcake” Chandler.  Good times!

Dancing Girls Birthday Card...

Dancing Girls Birthday Card...

Nobody wraps like Sam 'Ma'am' Borelli

Nobody wraps like Sam 'Ma'am' Borelli

David & Miss Kitty know that good lighting is very important..

David & Miss Kitty know that good lighting is very important..

Gary & Norma (David's Wonderful Folks) are always FUN...

Gary & Norma (David's Wonderful Folks) are always FUN...

Miss Kitty is no Carmen Miranda..

Miss Kitty is no Carmen Miranda..

Oh Kitty, I will cut you!

Oh Kitty, I will cut you!

July 3 – Aaron & Joe are S’Ambused Walking We Ho...

Aaron & Joe - ambushed

I go out Walking, out in WeHo, where all the boys go, just like they always do, I’m always Walking, out in WeHo, searching for you….. (think Patsy Cline’s Walking After Midnight)

July 1st – there’s Dasher and Asher and Prancer and Vixen.

Dasher - I thought that MJ was possibly alive.

Dasher - I thought that MJ was possibly alive.

Asher - Outing All for the greater good...

Asher - Outing All for the greater good...

Prancer - Randy (and me) Prancing down SMB..

Prancer - Randy (and me) Prancing down SMB..

Vixen - if you know TJ well, 'nuff said.

Vixen - if you know TJ well, 'nuff said.


In honor of my (partial) Canadian heritage Happy Canada Day, July 1st.


Here is the Tarantula that I found in my tub on Thurs, June 25th:

Tarantula in tub June 26

Then I met Kleiner (Kerri) for Breaky at the Griddle.  She was one of my first friends here.  She is my West Coast Sister-Girlfriend.

Kleiner - Borelli


On Tuesday, June 23, I headed out for an impromptu Taco Tuesday at Marix with Medina Flowers (Randy) and Cupcake (Sean).  Somehow we ended up in the Village and I saw so many people out that I decided a night of Ambush Photography was called for.  So, here goes… in order; Marix, Randsome, Sean, the guy that sells fun shirts next to the Cafe D’Etoile, J. Lo at the Mo Lo, Michael Ferrera, Chris Gaida, Jimmy Blackley, Tall Thom Cook, Woody, Yogurt Stop, them trying to get away from me and, finally, J.R. F-U-N!!!!

MarixRandsomeCupcakeShirt GuyJ. Lo at Mo LoMichael FerreraChris GaidaJimmy BlackleyTall ThomWoodyDSC04024Randy & Cupcake trying to escape meJR at Micky's

What a night! __________________________________________

Tues, June 23 – J.R. working the bar at Micky’s..

JR at Micky's

Thurs, June 18 – Walking Randy to Work at the Cafe…

Borelli at D'etoileThe two Chris's

Sunday, June 14 – LA LGBT PRIDE Parade Press Conference: I was the Project Manager for the Press Conference.  See if you can pick me out (trying to hold back Miss Press Conference Herself).  Below is me with Steven and Stef-A-Lee who were AMAZING with all the Media Relations along the way.  PR-IDE, there is no Pride without PR.

Borelli - LA PRIDE Press Conf June 2009CSW PR Team June 2009

CA Supreme Court Decision Day on Prop 8: Who is that handsome man looking over LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s shoulder?


And here is the Borelli with the Life Group LA’s Sunnie Rose Berger at the LA PRIDE WeHo Mayor’s reception on June 10:

Sam at 2009 CSW-LA PRIDE Mayor Recept

May 31 – A Rookerelli-Yessaian Family OUTing at Marix.

Family Outing

May 31 – Ongina sighting at Marix.  A favorite from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Ongina turned heads as she entered Marix.  Ongina told me that she would be appearing at Micky’s this Tuesday night, June 2nd.  WW got a lap/pic:

Ongina & Borelli

May 29, 2009: it took 14 days but Borelli grew a beard.

Borelli Beard

Borelli was out incognito recently with Mr. Tom Weedon.  We enjoyed a long lunch with the B-Man at Hamburger Mary’s.

Borelli & Weedon

WeHo sightings between May 15 and May 22 include B-Man & Medina Flowers, Cupcake & SamBor, PRIDE 365, Steve & Jim and a Tree Blooms in West Hollywood:

Bern & Medina FlowersCupcake & Sam BorBorelli PRIDE 365Steve & JimWeHo Tree in Bloom

The Bish (from New York) came into town recently.  Bish is a Trevor Project Board Member and all around good guy.  We took him to some of the usual haunts so that he got the full Walking WeHo treatment.  Let’s see we either made a Sameo appearance or spent time at: Micky’s, Eleven, Cafe D’etoile, Motherlode, the Abbey, and of course, ended the night at the Yogurt Stop.

Bish & Borelli


Recently, the Sisters hit WeHo to celebrate Randy’s b-day:

First up is a photo of the birthday boy herself.  Following that is a mini slide show.  Photo 1 shows Randy and David frowning at picture taking.  Photo 2 is captioned, “Hey, who is the cutie that just ran by“?  Photo 3 I call, Okay, picture time.  The B-Man joined in later and we hit the pool hall.

Randy's BirthdayRandy & David - no photosR & D - hey, who's the cutie that just ran byR & D - okay, photo readyThe B man gives Randy some kissesKitty, David, Sean

There is no lack of love & laughs when the Sisters are in town.


on Sunday, May 3: after meeting with Eddie S, we Walked WeHo and joined the B-Man and then, among others, ran into JMB at Micky’s.  M’s doesn’t seem to be sufferin’ from the economic hard-times.  On the way home Eye-Spied Mr. Tony Biel in the window at Tender Green’s.



Sister Buffy, and friend, of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, makes her long awaited debut at the re-opened Mickey’s, an institution on Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood.  Buffy that is!



April 20: A lot going on Monday, April 20th.  Abbe Land was sworn in as Mayor of West Hollywood.  Then we had to dash over to the new Balliamos Dance Studio where The Trevor Project was hosting their annual Volunteer Appreciation Party.  I, along with two other outgoing board members, Kristin Odermatt and Kevin Cronin, received an award for our years of service.  The Mother Borelli was still in town so she tagged along.


Here is the lovely award, hard to photograph, that I received.


On the way home we spied to Trevor Board members at St. Felix.  What were Sean McManus & Joel Flatow plotting?  mcmanus-flatow

On Friday, April 24, I met with my dear friend Tom Weedon for a late lunch at the Abbey.  We had some business to do.  We were making our way home but felt the pull to check out the post-fire Mickey’s.  Later, the B-Man met us and others dropped by like Scott McPhail & Sean McManus.  B and I left and made our way to Tender Green’s to bring home some deliciousness.  It was jammed, line to the door, line at the counter, most seats taken.  It’s good to know that these new businesses are getting community support.



April 20: A Walking WeHo view….


April 19: The Mother Borelli was in town and after a yummy dinner at Marix we decided to WeHo Walk-it-off with a stroll to Yogurt Stop.  Look who we bumped into along the way…. alice-in-weholand

You just never know who you will run into on the streets of West Hollywood.  Earlier in the day there were horses on San Vicente.  No, we are not testing a new gas-saving measure in WeHo, they were there for the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station Open House.



April 9 – 12, 2009 – Borelli left WeHo for a 4 day cruise along the Mexican coast.  Photos include the Stateroom & Towel Art, Borelli Incongrito (a Borelli word), our visit to the Guadalupe Valley Wine Vineyards, Dress-up night , etc.



Sunday, April 5 – Walking WeHo went to RancHo for a pre-Easter Brunch with Beckie and Dave and all the Wallace Family. WW scooped up all of Beckie’s Gayngels along the way, Tom W, Joel M, Eddie S, and JMB.


As you can see a good time was had until one Peep crash landed into the cupcakes.  That last pic (has now been removed at the request of one of the backseat sleepers) is some of the backseat boys waking up from their little post-brunch car nap).  They slept.

Later we dashed out to see DWD in town from NO.  We never did see him but did see The Don Jim Murphy, I am one of his Consiglieire’s.  It seemed that everyone was out on a beautiful late Sunday afternoon including, Fabrice, Eric, and Frank.



As seen at SMB/La Jolla – some might call this Dancing WeHo.



Thurs, March 26 – We had to bid Goodbye, or at least So-long-for-now, to our little Joel (Hoel) who is moving somewhere far 2 hours or something.  This is Joey and Joel pre-party.



Wednesday, March 18 – Sunday, March 22 –

Here is a pic that I snapped on the way out of Hamburger Hamlet coming from the Special Olympics/Tip-A-Cop Fundraiser.


On Friday night I ventured out of West Hollywood and, hence, left the camera at home.  Kristin, her hubby Jason, the B-man and I went to go see The Dan Band at Avalon.   If you have not experienced a night with the Dan Band you are missing something.  They are “mostly-straight” men that cover popular female songs such as Total Eclipse of the Heart, Genie in a Bottle, Milkshake, Shoop, Gloria, and most recently, making the rounds on You Tube and Facebook, All the Single Ladies. Look it up, it is a hoot and a half.  We then headed into WeHo for a closing night drink at East-West Lounge and to toast Jason’s birthday.  The best was that Kristin had hired her neighbor’s Manny (Male Nanny) as our driver.  Fun, safe, and supporting the economy.  On Saturday morning we made an impromptu trip to some of the best people watching around, The Griddle on Sunset.  I love to sit at the counter and watch the culture.  Everyone is there from your soccer mom’s, gayboys, rocker’s, college kids, celebs, families, ladies who breakfast, and aspiring actors.  Good food, great sights.


Later on Saturday we headed out of WeHo again to see Jenny and kids in San Marino.  Yes, I packed a bag and got a day pass.  Here’s Michael (I’m his fairy god-father) and I flexing our muscles.


On Sunday we met Jeff, Robb, and Jessica for lunch at the new Tender Greens at SMB & Hancock.  Great sandwiches (which can be turned into dinner plate meals), comfort soups, really good salads and more are on the menu.  It is fresh and it is relaxed.  Check it out. Later on Sunday we met Randy and his friend Donnie in from Philly.  We just bounced around so some of the regular haunts.



Thurs, March 12 – Sunday, March 15 –

My lovely neice, Amy, and her BFF, Caitlin, came to town on Thursday.  There was some talk about coming up to visit UCLA but I don’t believe that actually happened.  Amy spent her young years in Massachusetts before moving to sunny Huntington Beach.  She is now a (beautiful) 20 year old student at Boston University (BU).  Caitlin recently became an EMT and I wanted to hear all about the gore of that work.  We started out going to ISLA on Sunset.  Let me back up.  When I asked Amy what she wanted to do while in WeHo she replied, “we just want to dress cute and go out.” I really didn’t know what that meant.  Being a no-longer-young gay man I have never ” just dressed cute and went out” right!  Well they got all dressed cute and we headed to Isla.  The food is very good, the place was pretty busy, and other than a very loud large party near us we had fun.  So, do we look cute?


From Isla we headed down to the Village.  Okay, so just to clarify,  I like to call it the Village.  Santa Monica, San Vicente, Robertson, I know that it has some history of other names, monikers, but if we incorporate all that it is, has become, it is an urban village.  Besides, as a long time, trained, people watcher/observer, I can say that I am going down to see the Village People.  That brings it all together.  We walked around, saw the sites, the sounds, the people.  Amy can’t wait for Mickey’s to re-open.  And we closed our night at Yogurt Stop.


On Friday they headed in to Beverly Hills landing at Via Rodeo to people watch.  I rejoined them and we lunched at the Abbey (They saw it on TV so we needed to go).   After lunch and a little Walking WeHo they hit the Starbuck’s for their ride back to the OC.  Good times.


On Friday night I had to pose in front of the TV.  The B-man was catching up on his recorded viewing of Heroes.  I have been told that I bear a bit of a resemblance to Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) when I wear my glasses.  You be the judge.  It seems appropriate to mention that Jack Coleman played (the 2nd) Steven Carrington in Dynasty.


Saturday was a beautiful So Cal day.  After some errands and some work at home B and I made a Sameo Appearance at the GenderPlay Exhibit opening at the ONE Archives on Robertson before meeting the Sisters for some pool, laughs, and eats.

GenderPlay in Lesbian Culture Exhibit at ONE LGBT Archives, 626 Robertson Boulevard, West Hollywood. The exhibit includes vintage photos, archival documents, film clips and historic first person quotes and challenges labels, stereotypes, and looks at how lesbians define themselves. Admission is free.

As we were walking to meet the Sisters we ran into Christopher Rice and Jake Stevens.  They had come from A Different Light Bookstore, which we know, sadly, is going out of business.  Christopher ended up purchasing the poster of one of his (New York Times best-selling) books.


Sister Christy and her BFF (aka non-sexual lover), Corissa, were up from San Diego and we had to show them a good time in the ‘hood.  Sean (brother of Christy), his hubby, David (please protect their marriage), Randy (aka Girl), his BF, Eric, the wonderful Miss Kitty, the B-Man and I started with some rounds of pool at the Motherlode.  Where else are you going to take some soccer moms on a Saturday afternoon? pool-boys-1pool-boys-and-their-pool-sticksdsc03369medina-borelli

The group then headed to the patio at the Cafe d’Etoile for eats and good people watching.  Oh, and Cake.  Why?  Because we love cake.


We then made a swing through Eleven before heading to the Abbey to slump on the furniture.  The Mom’s enjoyed some of the sights along the way…



There is a baby in there who I call Lil’ Sammy Oliver.  The Sisters decided to end the day with the famed Miss Kitty pose…


Yep, these are the Sisters…


Good times, good people, supporting the local economy, showing the soccer moms a good time.  A Great Walking WeHo Day!


Thurs – Sun, March 5 – 8:

On Thursday I spied Tony Biel & Richard Ayoub at WeHo‘s latest yogurt shop, Yogurt Stop.  As the sign says, Pump it Yourself.


Later on Thursday I went to the Hugo Boss store Spring/Summer 2009 Collection preview at the Beverly Center location.  Thanks to HB’s Paul DeMaio and Clear Channel’s Jim Murphy for their hospitality. Here I am flanked by Jeff Mack and Felipe Pina trying to cozy up to Bosserelli.


On Friday night we headed out to Happy Hour at Eleven where we meet Joe (Big Red) who was in town (from Playa Del Rey).  Trust me, Playa is very far away.  Joe was housesitting and meeting some Aussie friends as well. We were delighted by a surprise visit from Joel Kalmin.


Saturday we headed to a birthday party for Aaron & Todd.  Happy Birthday, Boys.  To protect the innocent, the party was held at the home of a recent Academy Award Winner.  Okay?  It was a great Southern California kind of day; sunny, not too hot, nice light breeze.  Some of us took a turn with the Oscar and I took a shot at art-photography of the B-Man & Aaron.



Sunday, March 1 – We ran into these three fine young men; Tom Whitman, Joel Flatow, Jim Murphy. hot-hot-hot

Thurs, Feb 26th – The Wallace Family graced West Hollywood for their annual pilgrimage to support AFA’s Go Eat LA.  We hit Marix and then Yogurt Stop.  The Wallace’s Walked WeHo.


Earlier in the day I caught a snack with the Sisters Sean & Randy and their favorite Abbey Server, Kevin…. Poor Kevin.  He’s a good sport.



Tuesday, Feb 24 – Was the birthday of the ever-fabulous, and darling sister, Miss Kitty.  Sean, Randy, and I celebrated Kitty with some laughs, some cake and a run through boys town.


Sean peaks out from Miss Kitty.  A most delicious cake.  One candle for each score.  (Come on now, Four Score and 7 years ago…)

Saturday, Feb 21 – my time at the Spirit Awards can be found if you follow the link.  A few photos and celeb commentary.

Sunday, Feb 15 – On our way home we were lured into Fiesta Cantina.  Apparently, Beau Breedlove was in West Hollywood with some people that we know.  We couldn’t be rude, although I was concerned about introducing myself as Sam, a WeHo City Commissioner.  In case you didn’t know, Sam Adams, the newly elected (and out gay) Mayor of Portland, Oregon, was recently forced to admit that he “did have an inappropriate relationship with an intern” back in 2005.  Beau Breedlove was that intern.  Beau recently sat down with Oregon and confirmed the majority of Mayor Adams’ details of the timeline.  It seems that there is a slight variation in when a kiss or two occurred.  The age of consent in Oregon is 18.  The two agreed that a sexual relationship did not start until after Beau turned 18.  Beau harbors no ill-will toward the Mayor and never felt pressured in their relationship.  Mayor Adams is still in some hot water for denying the affair.  Beau, now 21, seemed pretty well grounded as we spoke.


UPDATE:  It was announced on Weds, Feb 18, that Breedlove was in town meeting with Unzipped Magazine and shooting a nude pictorial for an upcoming issue.   UPDATE: Monday, March 23 – Unzipped unveiled the upcoming Breedlove cover on the newstands in May, 2009.

Sat, Feb 14St. Valentine’s Day.  We went to El Compadre in Hollywood for dinner. It was Eric’s birthday weekend.


Frid, Feb 13 – Had coffee with Eddie at Joey’s Cafe.  We were there to discuss The Buddy System.  At night I joined some boys at Eleven for Happy Hour.  The B-man picked me up and we went home.

Weds, Feb 11 – Walking by the Palihouse on Holloway Drive and out darts Comedian Dane Cookwearing a black hoodie, hood up.  He quickly looks for a car.  There are three black SUV’s with waiting drivers.  He spots a dark sedan and jumps in.


Check out the Home Page for my visit to the Grammy’s (Feb 8) and my recent Saturday with the Sisters (2/7).

Thur, Feb 5 – Went on a great hike with Tom Weedon to Franklin Canyon.  It was perfect hiking weather and we beat the rain.


SuperBowl Sunday – Feb 1 – Hit the ‘hood and saw some peeps…


Friday, Jan 30 – Went to the MisMatch Gameat the LA GLC.  Fun, fun, fun.  I even got to be a contestant for one round.  Prior to the show a few of us met at AMMO on Highland.  The bartender poured 4 (different) Perfect Martini’s.  He was a cool dude and I plan to go back.


The final photo is the after party at The Waffle…


Weds, Jan 28 – headed down to the Cafe D’Etoilefor a little pre-meeting dinner.  Randy was working the bar so we had a chance to catch up.  Apparently my ordering the Protein Platter (chopped & tossed) was a thing as other patrons kept asking what I got.  Trend Setter, folks!  I then headed to the WeHo Democratic Club’s General Endorsement meeting for the March Municipal Elections.  With only a little bit of the usual club drama, current City Council Members Jeffrey Prangand John Duranreceived the club’s endorsement.  West Hollywood West Resident’s Association President, and former WeHo Public Safety Commissioner, Lauren Meister, was also seeking the club’s endorsement.  Some members felt that the club could endorse three (3) candidates for the two (2) available seats.


Sun, Jan 25 – saw some sights while Walking WeHo; Lance Black’s upcoming signing at Book Soup, a beautiful Bird of Paradiseplant on Hilldale, and the view of snowy mountain tops on a clear day.


Sat, Jan 24 – left the city limits to go to Michael & Gregg’s for Game Night. It was really fun with some friends from the past and a whole new crop of people.  It was Potluck and the B-man made Chicken Tikka Masala.  Yum!  Good times with good people.


Dallas, Kevin, Phillip, Martyand Greg were a winning team!

Fri, Jan 23 – Met Mark Z at Club Eleven for a beverage.  It was Happy Hour and even though it rained on and off all day is was pretty busy by 6:30 pm.  Saw others scattered throughout including; Michael F, Alexander R, Kevin B, David A, Jimmy B, Canada Guy, Ben M, Jeffrey A, John K, Brad F, and probably a few others that 48 hours have made me forget.

Inauguration Day – met some friends in the late afternoon for a post inauguration celebration.  Look closely and you can see Dame Elizabeth Taylor blessing the boys and their libations.  Or, was she holding court?


Week of Jan 12 –

Sam was not on the streets very much as the cold got the best of him.  He did get to the outside of the RuPual Drag Race kick off party and the pics are on the front page.

Sat/Sun, Jan 10/11 – Busy Boy Borelli.  I posted on the home page about the Resolutionin WeHo Park.  Great turnout for the action fair.  Then headed over to the premier of Change We Need.  This was after hosting niece Amy & BF, Chris, for lunch at Hamburger Mary’s.  From the park met some folks at the back of the Abbey for birthday drinks for the incomparable Mister Micah McCain.  If you don’t know Micah.  Hmm, I’m just sayin’.  Made my way to the side bar to hang out with Randy & Sean; AKA the Sisters.


We then headed to Eleven for a bit where we were joined by the B-man and he and I left for dinner at Tango Grille.  I had Walked enough WeHo at that point.  Sunday I took the B-man to the airport and then luxuriated in the quiet in the homestead.  Later I met Tom Wfor some fun times starting with Fiesta, then to MotherLode, and finally ending at Here Lounge, where all the boys were.  Good times!


Jan 5 – 9 – been all around the town.  Met a friend on Monday for one drink at O-Bar.  Something about the atmosphere just isn’t me but a lot of people enjoy it.  Plus, they have a Happy Hour.  I’m just sayin’.  Weds had lunch at Basix Cafe. I like Basix.  I especially like their breakfast.  But I only go to breaky there during the week.  It seems in some circles that it is a gay-quirementto eat at Basix for breakfast/brunch/lunch on the weekends.  You’ve seen it.  People crowding the sidewalks on Sat & Sun between 10 and 2 waiting for their seats.  Hugo’s, Eat Well, Basix, Joey’s Cafe – all the same.  Don’t get me wrong, support the local biz’s.  Weds night I met my long-lost friend, W. Bill, and some of his friends at East-West Lounge.  They are Valley Boys that meet once a month in the ‘hood.  On Thurs night, after my Halloween Task Force meeting,  I headed to Formosa Cafe for Chris Lisotta’sBirthday Drinks.  Lisotta is a well known journalist who’s work has appeared in the Advocate, Frontiers, LA Weekly.  I have posted about Formosa before and it remains a fun place to hang.  Fri we finally did get to the Vanity Fair exhibit at LACMA and then to an intimate dinner outside of the city limits.

Strolling San Diego – as per usual stayed at the Solamar Hotel by Kimpton.  They take great care of us, it is our home away from homo.  We hit some of our usual haunts; the Beach City Marketfor breakfast and Dirty Del’s for really, I say really, good sandwiches.  Ortega’s has great Mexican food and, a first for us, the Cafe on the Parkhad awesome breakfast/lunch.  Yes, it sounds like a food tour of San Diego and in some ways it was.  We hit the gas lamp, downtown, hillcrest, and even took a coast drive up to La Jolla.

Sam will be on the streets of San Diego until January 5th.

12/26, 27, 28 – so many lazy, post-xmas days.  Friday I went for an exercise walk in the ‘hood but it was cold in the shade so I kept to the sunny side of the streets.  A lot of the shops were open and trying to attract customers with end of the year sales.  I am a big fan of supporting local businesses.  In these last few days of the year please remember to support them.  As I wrote about in my Where We Go post, I headed to Eddie’s Boxing Day party.  Good people, good food, good fun.  Saturday was a lazy day.  It was all about the sofa, the chair, the bed, the book and the TV.  Ahh, the luxury of lazy days.  Sunday was a little toe-touch back to the real world, did a little shoppy-shop and then met some friends out later at some of our usual haunts ending at the Cafe D where we held court.


Christmas Day – B made breaky and we headed off to the Grove to see Doubt.  Not my first choice for a Christmas movie but c’est la vie.  La Vie.  It was beautiful and sunny and crisp after the movie so we tooled around the town for a while.  There is nothing like fresh air in La La Land after a good soaking rain.  B made a delish dinner for two before we passed out.  Later after we tooled around the town and had a beverage at Trunkswe headed home and I made Turkey Chili Nachos; a real xmas treat.

Wedn, 12/24 – It’s Christmas Eve. Got the house ready, met Randy at the Cafe for a liquid lunch. Miss Kitty joined.  Saw Eddie on the streets.  Went to Abbe Land’s Holiday Open House and then met the Sisters for dinner at Pan e Vino.  We had a great table kind of seperated from the regular people.  Bern, Randy, Eric, Sean, David, and Andy.  Our pic is below as they all love getting good press on the site.


I have to admit that B and I stopped off at the MotherLodefor a nightcap to get ready for Santa.  It’s a little strange when WeHo is all quiet but I am not complaining.

Mon/Tues, 12/22 & 23 – Oh just doing stuff around the house.  Nothing much t report.

Friday – Sun, 12/19 – 12/21 – can be found in the post:  A Weekend in WeHo.

Mon – Weds 12/15 – 12/17 – Sam was not on the streets but home sick.  I will say that the Glass Noodle Soup from Sweet Chilion SMB in West Hollywood has magical healing powers.  I always add some extra red chili paste to it.  And the All Greens (with chicken) is a healthy and delicious option.  Support our local businesses.

Sun – 12/14 – Michael Yessaian turned 3 and we went to his after-party.  I can’t go where more than a few kiddies congregate.  It gives me, no lie, anxiety.  I think that being one of around 41 grandchildren, and being among the oldest, had some negatives effects.  We got there in time to eat pizza and watch all the little Buzz Lightyear’s leave.  Buh-bye! Later I met some friend’s at the Toy Box holiday toy drive.  What was really fun this year is that it was held at Elevenand East-West Lounge and they were able to close the street in between.  Lesley Jordan and others were the elves and you could take your pics with them.  A mountain of toys, and lots of boys, were there.  I think that the boys came out to show off their winter wear; lots of gloves, scarves, mittens, hats, and a few fur coats.  No lie.  Kudos to the organizers.

Sat – 12/13 – Danger, Will Robinson, danger!  Met Tom Weedon for lunch at Hamburger Mary’s.  Tom and I meet there about once a quarter for lunch.  One time lunch lasted 5 hours.  What can I say?  It’s Hamburger Mary’s!  It’s part of West Hollywoodculture.  Stayed in and caught up on Tivo.

Fri – 12/12 – maintained a low profile around the house and then met some peeps for a holiday drink at Eleven.  Have you been? It’s not bad at Happy Hour.  Later met B for dinner at Panini on Sunset.  Pretty good Italian.

Thur – 12/11 – Found out that mygood friend, Ric Rickles, Chair of the WeHo Senior Advisory Boardis in the hospital fighting an infection.  Ric is a Super Star so send him some good thoughts.  Later, I went to meet with Kerri Kleiner.  She is one my dearest friends and may be my very first friend in LA LA Land.  Kleiner just bought a spankin’ new home in Sherman Oaks.  If you ever need chatchkies, order them through her self-owned company, Corporate Carrots.  Yes, Kerri Kleiner at Corporate Carrots.  Love her.  After what should have been my late afternoon nap (just an hour of down time instead) I headed to the Trevor Volunteer Committee‘s Holiday Party.  Hosted by David Anderson it was, of course, a ton of fun.  I actually baked brownies.  Yeah, I did.  I did.  If you ever want to have a great volunteer experience, working with amazing people, all for a necessary cause, volunteer for the Trevor Project.

Wed – Dec 10 – Day without Gays – So I waited until the day was over and accompanied Eddie to his Leadership Workshop.  It is where he has been honing his skills and where The Buddy System was born.

Tuesday – Dec 9 – Made that Get Organized Tuesday. Later met Randy at Hamburger Mary’s.  It turns out that their all-you-can-eat mexican buffet is pretty good.  B joined us after work.

Monday – Dec 8th – is the day after Cracked.  And Trevor hosts a Board & Staff brunch to celebrate the event, the year, and the holidays.  It was held at the Cafe Detoileon SMB in West Hollywood.  It is also where I retired from the board.  Later this week I will post more about my retirement from Trevor.  It was a great brunch.  If you have not been to the Cafe I suggest that you try it.  The food is very good and the staff, well, let’s just say that they are sassy.  Later that day I went to the monthly WeHo Public Safety Commission meeting.  We meet the 2nd Monday of the month at city hall.  Vehicular Burglary continues to be a crime of opportunity on the rise.  Please secure your valuables.

Sunday – December 7th – was all about Cracked Xmas 11 and you can read all about that on the front page.

Saturday – Dec 6 – As usual the household errands get taken care of on Saturday morning.  You can read my post on the Where We Go area about my trip to Martin Gantman’s Male Call art opening.  From there we headed to East-West Lounge where we shared a birthday cocktail for Garrison Smith.  We closed the night with dinner at Tango Grille with our friend’s, Cupcake, Miss Kitty, and Uncle Mike.  Fun!

Friday – December 5 – I made a number of phone calls in the morning and deposited the inheritance check from my Mom.  Thanks, Mom.  Later I did a Walking WeHo tour up Sunset, down San Vicente where I noticed a new Neighborhood Watch sign, around to Cynthia.  I wanted to stop in at the Cafe to give Tom D (I call him Big Papa now since I watched Real Housewives of Atlanta– RHA) the final numbers for our Monday Board Brunch.  I ran into Nurse Jeff and Annie and they met up with Dan B heading to Fiesta.  Waking in I ran smack into Billy Mastersof Billy Masters fame.  We’re just “a couple of girls from Massachusetts trying to make it in West Hollywood.”  Pun!  Had some laughs with Billy Boy and then re-joined Nurses Jeff and Annie and Sweet Man Dan.  Stayed for a beverage and then Walked WeHo home.  B and I stayed in for the night.

Thursday, Dec 4 –is when I ran up to the fire on the Sunset Strip.  That story has been picked up by a number of online outlets and my photos have been picked up, and credited, by even more.  Yay!  Later in the day I visited the Trevor Project office to bring the staff some goodies as they gear up for Cracked Xmas 11.  I also had to sign some checks.  I then picked up Randy and drove him to the Cafe and stayed for a light drink.  B picked me up and we had a date night at the Hamlet.

Wednesday, Dec 3 –found me writing and researching.  Later, I had to go to the “village” for an ethics course.  CA Law requires that all elected and appointed officials complete a two hour ethics course. I had taken the course online but in typical Samway I breezed through it in only 1 hour, 23 minutes.  Rats!  I had to take the other 37 minutes somewhere.  Fortunately, others needed to take it as well and I was able to make it up. However, I stayed for the full two-hours.  The WeHo City Attorney, Mike Jenkins, made it very interesting and a bit of an open forum.  Thanks, Mike.  Prior to that I had met the Trevor ED to sign some checks.

Tuesday, December 2 – I know, I know, how did I get so far behind? I have been to Las Vegas, Woodland Hills, seen the Film MILK, spoke about the dangers of Drinking and Driving, and saw Jason Bateman up close and personal.  Phew!  Read my post on the home page about the Spirit Awards.

Monday, December 1– World AIDS Day.  I remember those that we have lost to HIV/AIDS, most especially my friend Bob Berkeley.  Bob was a gentlemen and a story teller.  He was very good to a young, eager, newly out gay-boy (me) that had that young, eager, newly out gay-boy crush on a older (only 15 years) gay man.  He knew it, his partner, Walter, knew it, and they protected my heart.  Bob challenged the world.  He lived with HIV/AIDS out loud and proud.  He might be one of the first to be living with AIDS and not dying from it.  Two months before Bob passed away he insisted on walking in that year’s AIDS WALK Boston.  He was frustrating me.  I walk like a Bostonian, fast.  Bob was tall, he had long legs, but his health kept him from walking fast.  It was only after the first mile that I took the time to see the pride and determination on his face.  He wanted to reach the two mile mark.  And he would.  Walking (slowly) with Bob from mile one to mile two was a gift.  I learned humility, courage, strength, and graciousness in that mile.  Bob was, above all, gracious.  And at mile two Bob graciously bowed out.  Bob is missed but Bob made a lasting impact.  Maybe Bob is why I am so committed to helping the next generation.  Thanks Bob.

On Tuesday, November 18th my friend Ed and I went to the taping of the Dr. Phil Show.  I know, I know, me and Dr. Phil?  Not so much.  Yes, I live a semi-WWODlife (What Would Oprah Do?) but have never really jumped on the Phil bandwaggon.  (Can you believe I typed bandwaggon?)  Dr. Phil was taping a show about the aftermath of Proposition 8 passing here in California.  The audience was split, literally, down the middle.  So was the panel.  On the side of Marriage Equality the wonderful Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco, Gloria Allred, Attorney for many, and Joe Solmonesefrom HRC.  I must give thanks especially to Mayor Newsom and Gloria Allred for continuing to be among our best non-gay allies that speak with authority and convinction.  On the side of discrimination Pastor Jim Garlow, a very vocal religious leader from San Diego, Maggie Gallagher from the National Organization for Marriage, and Jim Flint, a leader in the Yes on 8 campaign.

Dr. Phil opened up with a statement saying that “although he has his own personal relationship with Jesus, he is not taking a position here”.  He asked that we start to have a dialogue to come to some understanding.  Well, Dr. Phil, I applaud your efforts but find it difficult when the barrage of lies and misinformation continue.  Once again the panel of discriminators used all of the usual rhetoric; teaching about gay marriage in schools, the sanctity and institution of marriage needs to be protected, and that the majority does get to decide.  Of course I was just itching to talk and answer these issues.  Let me start with the kids.  Right here in CA kids are learning about different types of families.  They are learning it in schools.  They are learning it from their friends.  Heather does have two MommiesJohnny only has one Dad.  A good friend’s lovely daughter’s are in Lutheran School and they know about GBLT Families.  The institution of marriage?  Protected?  Aren’t the statistics still that one of every two marriages end in divorce?  Doesn’t sound very sacred knowing that.  The institution of marriage was changed in 1967 (my true year of birth) when the US Supreme Court declared the Ban on Interracial Marriage Unconstitutional.  This after a popular vote favoring the ban.  We move forward, America, not back.

What was their new tactic?  More incendiary rhetoric.  When not able to argue intelligently about the issues they turned to the “assaults on churches, businesses, and individuals.”  Over and over they went back to “targeting” churches and business people that contributed to their campaign.  That people are “being assualted all over the state.” It was clear that they believe in a different America than I grew up in.  Only freedom of speech when you lie and distort.  At least the woman from the marriage protection side once admitted that some things were “mistakes” during the campaign.  Finally, when a beautiful couple spoke about their family of two Dads and two Daughters, the “more traditional” couple couldn’t articulate why their family would be harmed by this clearly loving one.  Dr. Phil even stayed longer than the show time because, as he stated, “we have barely scratched the surface” on this.  I agree with dialogue and I hope that we can move forward, together, as a community.  Some are asking for a Town Hall type meeting where we can move beyond the negative (hate), offer some truths to rumors, bring us finally together on message, and give us a strategy for moving forward together.  “The People United Will Never Be Defeated.”  Let’s be united.  The Dr. Phil Show is set to air this Friday, November 21st.  Please tune in or record it.

On Saturday, November 15th, a group of friends got together for a night of food and fun.  It was decided that after the 10 or so days of protests, rallies, and serious conversations that we all needed a laugh.  We started at Marix Tex-Mex, a West Hollywoodinstitution.  We were all sharing stories other than the Prop 8 loss.  We then moved on to the Macha Theatre for The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode.  Brought to us by producers, Joe Everett Michaels and Tom Whitman, and the award winning writer-director of Mommie Queerest, we were up for some serious laughter.  We were not let down.  Just from my group alone there were snorts, an almost fall-off-the-chair moment, and one member of the group actually spit his water out.  Tip: pay close attention after the opening number introduction to Act 2.  The show was well cast.  Each of the Eastland Girlswere “represented” in their best light and Mrs. Garrett was side-splittingly fun.  If you’re looking for a night of comedy and escapism, grab some friends, eat a little, maybe drink a little, and head to the Facts of Life at the Macha.



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  3. Citizen Sam, keeping our streets and alleys safe! You’re the new James Furhman, Sammy. Would love to the HOB go away. I was driving home the night of the big incident and saw the police cars racing to Sunset. Didn’t know at the time the brothas and sistas were rumbling. Now, can you do something about installing left turn arrows at Santa Monica and San Vicente? Whaddup with having them in only one direction, Sammy?

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    Dr. Phil…and his personal relationship with Jesus…sounds…well, I just am not going to go there. I am glad he kept it to himself.
    So the media whores James Dobson and Tony Perkins were NOT on the YES panel…me thinks they are ducking and covering and allowing others to take the hits for them! With Focus on the Family laying off employees after they donated over half a million dollars to Yes on 8, they really cannot afford to let their leader and spokesman out in public!
    Just today the CA Supreme Court agreed to hear the complaints re the passing of Prop 8. Too bad it didn’t happen before Dr. Phil taped his show!

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