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How Facebook Hijacked WW

Okay, okay, I only have me to blame but the fact that my following wants fast updates really makes it a challenge to keep up with writing.   I didn’t cross over to the dark side of Twitter though.  Too much.  Okay, okay, we’ll review this post in a year and see who’s eating their tweets for breakfast.  Hmmm, breakfast.  To quote my boy-sister, Sean, there goes my GayDD.  Hmmm, DD Coffee.

Really, I blame this guy.  And so should the American Public.  

I went to a social media seminar last week and it said that the best time to post is Tuesday – Thursday.  Uh huh, right in the middle of the work week.  Productivity levels have probably shifted due to the Facebook Factor.  Of course, I am in Communications and have clients who’s Social Media sites I manage so I am doing business.  Okay, okay, sometimes I am for personal things too but my people demand it.  And like Meryl said, as Margaret Thatcher in Iron Lady, I’m merely a public servant.

It’s gotten so bad that I am actually considering re-titling my book.  In fact, I posted that just yesterday. See!  I’ll be better about keeping up with Walking WeHo.  But if it is too few and far between post for you, my faithful followers, you can always visit my FB page by clicking on Master Zuckerberg above.  Like!


LA PRIDE hits WeHo….

.. Starting on June 1, LA PRIDE takes over all things WeHo and LA.

The Borelli turns 43…

I love my Birthday.  Why not shout it out?  Especially on Walking WeHo Wednesday.

Monet’s Bridge over Water Lilies, 1899 – 2010

Recently one of my dear friends traveled through France.  Knowing that I am drawn to the works of Monet, she snapped this photograph for me.  I have to say that I was stunned to see that it is maintained and just as beautiful.

Monet's Bridge over Water Lilies, 2010

1899 painting

LA PRIDE for the 40th time…

40 years ago in June, 1970, brave souls in the LA LGBT community took to the streets to have a parade to mark the one year anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in NYC.  Christopher Street West, the Proud producers of LA PRIDE, will once  again bring the celebration to the community.  With Headline Performers Kelis, En Vogue and Kelly Rowland, and the now announced Parade Grand Marshals, Sharon & Kelly Osbourne, it is sure to be a banner year to celebrate your Pride.  And I say your Pride intentionally, CSW is a non-profit community organization tasked with producing one of the largest Pride celebrations in the country.  It takes us all to make it great. See you there!

Samiversary: the Next Decade in WeHo

Pictures to come  but a HUGE thanks to all those that helped make the party happen (Jim, Mike, Ryan, Edwin, Philippe, Brian P and the B-Man and to everyone who attended.

All the SamBorelli's

Dustin Lance Black on Marriage Equality

DLB posted this on Huffington Post:

Almost 32 years ago, in San Francisco’s City Hall, having just defeated anti-gay proposition 6, Supervisor Harvey Milk stood in his office debating what the next step in the gay and lesbian movement should be. Per usual, he found himself in a heated debate with the other “gay leadership” who insisted he was moving too fast. He insisted it was time to march on Washington D.C., to follow in the footsteps of every successful civil rights struggle in this great Nation’s history and garner federal attention.

Not 24 hours later, Harvey Milk was tragically taken from us, and with him vanished the indomitable spirit, strength, and unwillingness to back down necessary to make this a federal fight.

Finally, 32 years later, in the city he loved, we are fulfilling Harvey’s dream.

Over the past months I have had the pleasure and privilege of meeting the plaintiffs in Perry vs. Schwarzenegger. Their love is true, their families are strong, and to hear their stories is to know they deserve full recognition of their love, both for themselves and for their families. The time has come for the world to meet Kris Perry and Sandra Stier, Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo. Their stories are our stories, ones of finding love with another person, of overcoming adversity, and of the strength and importance of family.

But now their stories must take a place in history, next to Brown vs. Board of Education and Loving vs. Virginia, in order to confirm what our great Constitution already tells us is true: that separate isnot equal, and that all men and women, regardless of skin color or sexual orientation, deserve equality.

To those who have said, “Wait,” I say, Gay and Lesbian people should not be forced to wait years to be treated equally under the law. By straining to avoid our federal Constitutional arguments, we only reinforce the false notion that our arguments lack merit. We reinforce the lies and myths and stereotypes that have been forced upon us for generations. We send a signal that we must not truly believe we are equal. The truth is, we are equal, and our love deserves equal recognition and protection under the law. Truth is on our side, and justice, but time is not.

We cannot wait.

We cannot wait for more children to be born into this country hearing that they are “less than,” that this country considers them inferior or second class, that their love is not worth honoring. If we do, how can we ever expect them to contribute, to thrive, or even just to survive?

We cannot wait for one more young person to hear this terrible news and take his or her own life, or have it brutally taken from them.

Now is the time for this federal challenge.

I’ve said this so many times before, but never has it seemed more appropriate than it does today. To many of us, this challenge sounds like debate and politics, tedium and hard work, but to the young people out there who are afraid, who tune in and hear that we have taken this bold new step, it will sound more like: “You are not less than. You have brothers and sisters, gay and straight, black and brown and white, thousands of us. And your struggle is our struggle, and your fight is our fight, and very soon, we promise you, you will be equal citizens, and you will be free.”