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I’m Sam Borelli and I approve this site!  I am a 12 year West Hollywood resident.  (You can read my 9 year Anniversary Post here)  I LOVE this city.  I live here.  I work here.  I play here.  I serve here.  I am all over the city, mostly on foot, enjoying and observing all WeHo has to offer. Allow me to share these with you. And, of course, I will have commentary on local and national items.

Welcome to Walking WeHo (West Hollywood).  I’ll keep you posted on the sites, sounds, and happenings around the town.  Sometimes I go outside the city but for the most part I am walking the streets (hey, hey now).  I know the shops, the restaurants, the cruisy spots, the clubs (which night) and the best darn yogurt in town.  I’ll let you know what, when, where, how, why, and who.  Celebrity sightings?  We got ’em.  And I mean A-list, to Gay-list.  As I am building this site you will see it grow with new design, photos, on-scene video posts, and more.  You can contact me at WalkingWeHo@Gmail.com.

More about Sam Borelli


Now poised to run a media empire, Sam also spends his time as an Communications Consultant (Media/Marketing/Special Events), Project Manager and Executive/Life Coach.  His specialty is best business practices and interpersonal dynamics.  His most recent endeavor was the successful fortieth anniversary celebration of Christopher Street West/LA PRIDE.  He spent five years in healthcare as Operations and Care Manager for an agency that provided private duty in-home care to Seniors and those in need. Prior to this he served as a Media Consultant and Strategist to advertisers with interests in the LGBT market.  While taking courses at Boston College, he worked for Action Design, a consulting firm specializing in executive coaching.  Sam is currently a member of the West Hollywood Public Safety Commission. Appointed in 2003, he was elected Chairman in 2005 and again in 2010. During his tenure as chair, the commission launched a first-ever public safety education campaign, enhanced the city`s Neighborhood Watch program, and increased participation in West Hollywood`s National Night Out Against Crime events. For over 15 years Sam has volunteered his time to assist LGBTQ youth organizations including GLSEN, Project 10, LifeWorks, and The Trevor Project.  He joined the Board of Directors of The Trevor Project in 2002 and served one term as Board Vice Chairman.  Sam retired from the Board in 2008 but remains an Advisor to the organization. In May 2007, Sam co-founded the LA LGBTQ Youth Advocates Group, a coalition of local organizations working together to assist the next generation. In June, 2007, Christopher Street West, the organizers of Los Angeles LGBT Pride festivities, honored Sam with the Berman-Schaffer Community Service Award.  In 2008, Sam became Executive Advisor to The Buddy System, a new program launched to foster intergenerational interaction through partnering GLBT Seniors with a younger generation (Junior) Buddy The Buddy System Advisory Board is in partnership with the LA Gay & Lesbian Center and Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing.


From Christopher Street West/LA PRIDE Honoree page…

With heartfelt support for issues surrounding the elderly, youth of all ages, transgender individuals, public safety, community involvement, and education, Samuel Borelli truly works to build communities.  Currently serving as the Operations Manager for Caring Companions, his tireless efforts to volunteer include serving on the West Hollywood Public Safety Commission, Transgender Task Force, the Sheriff’s Gay and Lesbian Conference Committee and over 15 years of developing youth empowerment programs with organizations such as GLSEN, Project 10, LifeWorks Mentoring, and The Trevor Project, where he was recently elected as Board Vice Chairman.

It is difficult to put into words how lucky our community is to have the voice and direction of this amazing man.  In the words of West Hollywood Council Member, Abbe Land, “Sam’s enthusiastic commitment to serving the community shines through in every aspect of his life… he is an incredibly friendly, good-natured person who always looks for ways to serve.”  He inspires us all to hold ourselves to a higher standard of professionalism and deeper personal involvement.  Sam constantly lends a voice to disenfranchised generations and motivates the development of organizations to coexist with the greatest strategic impact on initiating real change for the community and cross partnering between organizations.  The outstanding efforts from people like Samuel Borelli are what bind the coherent progress of our movement with tangible benefits appreciated by a cooperative community.

The Berman/Schaffer Award recognizes an individual or organization with a notably positive impression whose vision for the LGBT community inspires self-esteem and builds strategic partnerships.  Named for Steve Berman and Ralph Shaffer, who were both active in the Los Angeles Gay Liberation Front and the Gay Community Services Center in the 1970’s.

Interview with Sam Borelli of The Trevor Project


14 responses to “Who is Walking…

  1. I think we need some more beefcake pictures of you on this site.

  2. Borelli, making those feet work for you? Good job! You certainly have got WeHo covered from end to end.

  3. Sam on the Streets….sounds interesting…can’t wait….b

  4. i am sooooooooooo very proud of you!!!!
    this is amazing!!!

    almost as good as my TV Show…
    Gossip Girl

  5. Kudos Sam. Look forward to seeing more.

  6. Go, Sam! This is fantastic!

  7. I may or may not have seen you on the streets. I can’t tell from your headshot.

  8. I miss working with you Sam. Good job on the new blog. It looks great.

    I’m looking forward to reading more on”Sam Working the Streets”.

    Kiss kiss,


  10. Hey, Sam – fun site!
    Today is my “walk to work” day – see you on the street!

  11. Sammy! Have you any info on the terrible wreck that occurred 4.20 at Fountain and Flores around 6:45p? I saw a white SUV flipped upside down, on its roof, in the middle of the street.

    Reporting from WeHo,

  12. Richard Maggio

    I have live here all my life Sam and would like to walk with you one day and show you what the past look like in West Hollywood. Good job, best wishes.


  13. Just discovered your blog. I like it. =D

  14. How come I didn’t realize that you were the man behind this blog until now..? Awesome. ❤ you, Sam! XOXO

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