How Facebook Hijacked WW

Okay, okay, I only have me to blame but the fact that my following wants fast updates really makes it a challenge to keep up with writing.   I didn’t cross over to the dark side of Twitter though.  Too much.  Okay, okay, we’ll review this post in a year and see who’s eating their tweets for breakfast.  Hmmm, breakfast.  To quote my boy-sister, Sean, there goes my GayDD.  Hmmm, DD Coffee.

Really, I blame this guy.  And so should the American Public.  

I went to a social media seminar last week and it said that the best time to post is Tuesday – Thursday.  Uh huh, right in the middle of the work week.  Productivity levels have probably shifted due to the Facebook Factor.  Of course, I am in Communications and have clients who’s Social Media sites I manage so I am doing business.  Okay, okay, sometimes I am for personal things too but my people demand it.  And like Meryl said, as Margaret Thatcher in Iron Lady, I’m merely a public servant.

It’s gotten so bad that I am actually considering re-titling my book.  In fact, I posted that just yesterday. See!  I’ll be better about keeping up with Walking WeHo.  But if it is too few and far between post for you, my faithful followers, you can always visit my FB page by clicking on Master Zuckerberg above.  Like!


2 responses to “How Facebook Hijacked WW

  1. Following? Ha! Right……

  2. Ricki says following yourself does constitute a following…

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