Why Walking WeHo is Wonderful…..

Here’s a snippet of why I love my (unconventional) life and why Walking WeHo has it’s advantages.  One week:

Saturday, April 9 – while finishing up a breakfast meeting at Hugo’s with the amazing Team from The Buddy System, get flagged over to chat for a few minutes (complete with hug) with one of my new favorite people, John A. Perez, the smart and talented Speaker of the California Assembly.  Yeah, that’s right.

Sunday, April 10 – honored to be on the Judges panel of the Miss Queen USA Pageant with amazingly beautiful transgender contestants.  Get seated next to the hilarious Maria Roman who stars in Wild Things on Showtime.

Monday, April 11 – Chair the televised meeting of the City of West Hollywood Public Safety Commission.

Tuesday, April 12 – A full day (12 hours) of working with the amazing team producing LA PRIDE.

Wednesday, April 13 – Barge in on Ru Paul‘s breakfast meeting to discuss some opportunities.   He, told me, to send her a She Mail.  (Ooh Girl!)

Thursday, April 14 – Post on Facebook about the use of the F word by an LA Laker (no name here, yuck) and among those that comment on my post, one of my heroes who changed my life, Mr. Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN and now Assistant Deputy Secretary of Safe & Drug Free Schools for the US Dept of Education.  (yah, huh!)   Later a quick dash into Marix for a “walking homo drink” brings face time with some of my favs including; Miss Misty Cooper, 1/2 of the genius behind Yogurt Stop; Mister Jeffrey “the Huff” Huffer, man of all things Economic Development for the City of WeHo; Madame Lynn LeMay, needs no intro; and sweet Nelson, Server Extraordinaire (and former MA resident) at the Cafe D’Etoile.  These folks were all there separately, for the record.

Friday, April 15 – Running late afternoon/early evening errands in The Village (I don’t, and won’t, call it Boystown), and Romper-Bomper-Stomper-Boo I see; Keith Hoffman, Some of the Trevor Project Boys, David McFarland, Sean McManus, Chris Hernandez, and then the Cafe D boys, Randy Medina,  Sean Chandler, Kent Wilson, Tom Roush, among others.

Saturday, April 16 – Off to the office to work on the magazine and Ru Paul waves and shouts good morning.  Walking back later end up walking (weho) with WeHo City Councilmember, Jeff Prang.

And this is why one of the titles being kicked around for my book is Tales of a Fortieth Grade Something.   Life is interesting.


One response to “Why Walking WeHo is Wonderful…..

  1. Clap Clap! Bring me my Sam! Shontay you STAY!!!! I love you, you fabulous fortieth grade something!!! xoxo

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