Samiversary: Wrap up and photo’s….

Well it was a beautiful late afternoon for a party and I am so grateful to all of those that joined in to celebrate.  I love West Hollywood and I am very blessed by many in my life.  Why not celebrate and bring everyone together!  A final thanks to those who really helped make it happen and then on to the pictures.  The Don: Jim Murphy, Mike Catlett of Tom Whitman Presents, Jude Tate at Here Lounge, Ideas Man: Ryan Zynger at Zynger Events, the Awesomely Talented Edwin Santiago (check out his many skills at,  Philippe at Plaisir my delicious dessert sponsor,  Brian Putnam Photography (the official party photographer) , the B-Man: Bernard Rook and all of you that have made this an AWESOME Decade!  Cheers ~

AlltheSamBorelli's - uh oh - uh uh oh - uh uh uh oh

Jenny & George (met Jenny in month two)

Ah Beckie, she is truly Every Woman!

Edwin - the Master Maker of All The Sam Borelli's

Two very special people in my life, Abbe Land (WeHo Mayor) and Sean McManus (Trevor Project Board Chair)

It's B. Arthur, errrr, Arthur B.

The Amazing Chris Murphy & Friend, Alexandria

Public Safety Sam in NOT happy with Miss Mahr biting his ear.

Walking WeHo Sam and Joel Flatow out to S'Ambush Photo you..

Sutherland & Stanley - two GREAT Guys!

Lovely Loren Bennit made the trek to WeHo

Does Ross VM think that this is about him? Ha!

What is Joel Mahr doing back there. He said that they felt "a little stiff!"

All the SamBorelli's make their way to the car but had to pose just once more.

More pictures from Brian Putnam Photography can be seen at:

We all Thank You.... See you on the Streets

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