Plaisir brings Pleasure to West Hollywood

I was up and about last Saturday morning trying to get all my errands in before noon when I decided to make a dash into Plaisir to check out this new WeHo Hot Spot.  My neighbor, Heidi, had given me the tip to check it out. Boy/Girl, was I happy that I did.  I was quickly welcomed by a smiling Marco who proceeded to give me the full flavor of the shoppe.  According to the website, Plaisir creates tantalizing bits of paradise.  Oh yes they do!

Located right under Trader Joe's near the Big Gay Starbuck's!

While Marco was giving me the rundown on all the deliciousness, Philippe, the co-founder, came out from the back with a new tray of good looking treats!  The two of them taking the time to talk to me about the Plaisir experience.  The original Plaisir is creamy and smooth and light and yummy!  They also offer savory fare; sweet crepes, croissant sandwiches, belgium waffles, quiche, and Marco made me a most amazing Latte that I didn’t have to add sweetener to.


I asked Philippe, “Why West Hollywood?”   He explained that he worked/ran restaurants in the area, including Beverly Hills, but that “West Hollywood was the place to be!”   Clearly he knew that launching an innovated, unique business would benefit him by being here but also be good for the community.  I have since seen Philippe on his bike and on foot in the area, always with a smile.  Check it out soon.  And yes, I did take some delicious puff pastry filled with Plaisir with me but it was for a birthday dinner and it was good!

Plaisir 8613 Santa Monica Blvd, WeHo. 310-855-7177

My guess is that a celebrity will hit this place soon and it will explode into another WeHo-born success story!


One response to “Plaisir brings Pleasure to West Hollywood

  1. I hope this place is a huge success. It’s just step away from my apartment and this kind of thing is great for the neighborhood. I hope they become as popular as the excellent Yogurt Stop.

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