Walking WeHo Favorites – Restaurants!

Look, I exercise to eat!  Here are some of my top restaurant choices and why I Live, Work, Play and Stay in West Hollywood.

Marix Tex Mex is probably one of the most popular around.  If it is Monday, tomorrow must be Taco Tuesday!   The Healthy Bean is a great little coffee shop and a nice place for a quiet meeting.  On the flip side, Java Detour is another fun coffee house to chill and meet people.  If you haven’t tried the Oh My God Roll at Ari-Ya then you are missing out.  Cafe D’Etoile does not have a web site but it is a fixture in the community and has a long history of consistently yummy food from prime rib and scallops to the “oops, I drank to much and need the d’etoile hamburger!”

Sur on Robertson is an excellent restaurant.  They have the best lunchtime chop salad around, delicious sangria, scrumptious appetizers and just about the best looking waitstaff in all of LA County.  The B-Man and I love to get Poquito Mas when we want a quick, healthy and fresh Mexican meal.  I have recently become a fan of St. Felix on SMB.  At Happy Hour you can get a yummy slider (with blue cheese) and a small portion of sweet potato fries for $5.00.  Yup!   Cafe La Boheme is divine!  Champagne Bakery for a nice, quick breakfast croissant.

The Flavor of India has amazing cuisine.  You can’t beat Hamburger Mary’s for fun food.  I love, love, love Joey’s Cafe for breakfast or lunch.  Our pizza likings have bounced around over the years but lately Panini on Sunset has been fulfilling my east coast pizza tastes.  Tango Grille has great steak and my favorite Italian meat sauce.  Sweet Chili is my favorite Thai place.  They are so nice.  The food is fresh and delicious.  When I am sick I must eat their Glass Noodle Soup with Chicken and extra red chili sauce.  I am convinced that it has magical powers.

And, of course, Yogurt Stop.  Yes, I was one of the neigh sayers.  I would walk by every night on my way home and think, “ha, just what we need, another mostly empty yogurt place!”  And then they opened.  My theory, everyone like to pump it themselves.  It’s all in the control factor.  Great flavors, fun staff, awesome ambiance, perfect location and Marta and Misti are delightful.  Trust me all the cool kids are there!

Live, Work, Play and Stay in West Hollywood!


2 responses to “Walking WeHo Favorites – Restaurants!

  1. I got to agree that Yogurt Stop is one of the best things to happen in the neighborhood. I don’t think it’s the pumping that’s their key to success, it’s the gay. I love it because the staff is gay and the customers are gay. The other, now-defunct yogurt places didn’t realize or care what our neighborhood is about. Yogurt Stop is staffed my gay people and for gay people.
    Also, I don’t like going to bars. Yogurt Stop is busy and social. Better a fruit yogurt with coconut and chocolate chips than an Appletini at the Abbey!

  2. Sounds like I need to come visit more often…you listed so many places I have never been to! But definitely love MARIX, Cafe de’toile, Hamburger Mary’s, SUR Sangria…and…YOGURT STOP!!!!

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