Borelli of WeHo turns Forty-two!

Yeah that is not a typo, as in forty too.  On July 14, 2009 I turn 42.  For a long time now I have thought about writing an article/story/post about what it is like when a man turns 40.  I guess it has taken a few years for it to sink in.  Well, here I am at Forty-two!

Borelli is 42

My first throught is always, jeeze, when my Aunts & Uncles were 40 they were old.  But we do live in a different time.  I also think why didn’t these guys that turned 40 five, ten, twenty or so years ago tell me about some of the things that happen to a 40 year oldNo, really, why didn’t they?  Especially to a gay man, 40 is sometimes thought of as fatal but I don’t buy into that bullsh*t.  What does happen, first and foremost to me, is we get thicker.  Yeah, maybe fatter too but also thicker.  My head is thicker.  What is that all about?  Even thin men are thicker, ask them.  And hair starts growing where it never grew.  And faster.  Oh yeah, nose hair and ear hair is just sprouting like summer grass.  Aches and pains and grunt noises when you get up after sitting for a while are all part of the ritual.  And finally, a night out of “beveraging” usually takes one full day of recovery!  Sigh. 

Well I am embracing it!  I used to say that when I moved west 9 years ago that in the time change I lost 3 years in addition to three hours.  It never really stuck because too many people would call me out on it.  Fine!  Forty-two is twice twenty-one.  I wouldn’t go back there.  Forty-two has other great meanings as well.  42nd Street in New York City.  In the X-Files, Mulder lived in Apartment 42.  In the Hitcherhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the number 42 is the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything.  That’s not too shabby.  Plus, many say that I have an answer for everything anyway so there is that.  Go ahead, Google 42, it’s pretty cool. 

I am okay with 42.  And, if I ever need it, I will remember the waitress who carded me just this past weekend and said, “hey, I would have guessed 34“.  Gosh Bless Her!  This young man thanks her.

5 responses to “Borelli of WeHo turns Forty-two!

  1. I turn 41 the same day. It’s true, no one preps us for the different stages of our lives. Or maybe I just didn’t listen.
    I remember when West Hollywood had a rep as a city for the young only. It used to seem like anyone over 32 was shipped off to Silverlake. Now, young people can’t afford West Hollywood. (I’m not young and I’m getting killed by frequent rent increases!) West Hollywood is graying along with us.

  2. I hope you are having a great birthday. You make forty-two look very nice!

  3. 42 is the new 34, haven’t you heard? You look fabulous, darling! Have a wonderful birthday!

  4. Best wishes. What about your birthday being on Bastille Day – is there anything significant in that?–Demanik

  5. Your birthday month is over and I did not have an opportunity to celebrate with you… sadness…
    Perhaps we can make up a holiday (National Yogurt Day, S & B Remembrance Day, Moobies and Boobies Day, Ginger and Mary Ann’s Big Day Out, Foolish Friday, blah blah blah) and celebrate together then!
    smoochies, bec xoxo

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