Make a trek out of WeHo for Pink Taco

I love Mexican food.  It is certainly one of the reasons that I stayed out West after a bumpy start here.  Recently, I ventured outside of West Hollwood, don’t worry, I had a pass, for movie and lunch at the Century City Mall.  If you didn’t know, you can see a movie on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at the AMC Theatre for $6.00 before 12:00.  Any film before noon, $6. bucks!  I know!   Post film we were making our way to lunch when we saw this sign:

Pink Taco

Okay, while I admit that we were heading to Pink Taco anyway, this sign made it all the more appealing.  Although I generally shy away from Margaritas, it was July 4th and I felt that the Pomegranate Margarita deserved a sampling.  Dee-licious!  The food was very good too, not processed, very fresh and tasty!  Sometimes you have to head out of your WeHo comfort zone and try new things!  ENJOY!


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