TJ’s Tip of the Day ~ Cards!

Okay no, I am not a pitchman for Trader Joe’s.  I am, however, a fan.  I barely cook and require quick, healthier options to get by.  WhenI have posted other bits and bites about Trader Joe’s, whether here or on my Facebook page, they receive a lot of visits and comments.  Plus, I can (WeHo) Walk there in less than 7 minutes!   This tip isn’t about the food though, it’s about greeting cards. 

Trader Joe's Greeting Cards

For a moment I thought that I might not give this nugget away but hey, I’m a giver.  Let me be clear, I love cards.  I love sending them as much as I love receiving them.  Yes, it is nice to be remembered on your birthday with emails and e-cards and FB posts, but a birthday card, to me, is special.  I display them for weeks.  And I love choosing the right card for someone.  Sometimes I come across a card and hang on to it for months for the right person or occasion.  Okay, you get it, I like cards! 

I left Trader Joe’s WeHo (near the Big Gay Starbuck’s) on Saturday with eighteen (18) cards in my bag.  How much was my total?  With our outrageous CA State tax it cost me $19.47.  Yes, $19.47 for 18 cards.  Trader Joe’s sells really cool cards, for all occasions, for .99 cents.  There is your TJ’s tip of the day.  Send a card, trust me, it will be appreciated!


One response to “TJ’s Tip of the Day ~ Cards!

  1. 74% of greeting cards purchased are never sent. Apparently the gratification of greeting cards is more in the buying than the giving. Plus it helps the economy. Go Hallmark.

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