Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper’s Big Gay Following

Apparently, Bob Harper from NBC’s the Biggest Loser is still a sought after guy.  I posted a story, Bob Harper at the Big Gay Starbuck’s a few weeks ago.  Everyday since, Walking WeHo has received numerous hits, mostly from key word searches on search engine’s, looking for information about Bob.  Last night was the finale of this season’s Biggest Loser, Helen won, and since the show’s end the story has received hundreds of hits.  Here is just a snapshot of a time block of search-terms that end up on Walking WeHo:

Search Views
bob harper gay 39
is bob harper gay 17
is bob harper gay? 13
bob harper biggest loser gay 7
teens 6
“bob harper” gay 4
bob harper gay? 3
is bob from biggest loser gay? 3
is bob from biggest loser gay 2
bob harper photos 2


Clearly, inquiring minds want to know!


2 responses to “Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper’s Big Gay Following

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  2. He’s a total ‘mo. Isn’t it obvious?

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