Drew the DogRunner


Need your dog walked, run, pooped out?  Does your dog need some TLC and some company?  Want someone who knows how to love and respect your pooch?  Check out the services of Drew the DogRunner.  You have probably seen Drew on foot, and on blades, around the West Hollywood area for a number of years. 

Here’s the link, Drew the DogRunner for more information.

2 responses to “Drew the DogRunner

  1. Drew has been running my 2 dogs for years, every monday and they LOVE running, not just a walk but a full hour of running!! They are wiped when they get home and nap all day!!! LOVE DREW and his services!!! Take care of your dog with a run!!!

  2. Drew sounds great. I wish I could find a cat-sitter like him.
    BTW, Trip Wilmot is also an awesome guy. He let us have our DVD release party for my film “We’re All Angels” at his East|West Lounge. Trip and the staff treated us with such warmth and hospitality. East|West is the kind of business that’s good to our community and good for our community!

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