Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper at the Big Gay Starbuck’s in West Hollywood

UPDATE 4/29/09:  “Bob Harper Gay”  “Is Bob Harper Gay” has driven the traffic numbers up on my site.  These key words are searched and then land on Walking WeHo because I used his name and Gay in my title.  It especially jumps after the Biggest Loser airs.  You’ve got a lot of interest out there, Bob.

UPDATE 7/19/09: See Bob and I at Marix Tex-Mex, West Hollywood at Sam on the Streets.

Ran into Bob Harper on my B-day weekend.

Ran into Bob Harper on my B-day weekend.

ORIGINAL POST 4/15/09:  In the six months that I have been hosting this site I have probably been without my camera three times.  First it was the very sexy Tuc Watkins at the Trader Joe’s on SMB.  (Don’t worry, I posted a very flattering photo.)  Yesterday, sans camera, I spotted the uber-adorable Bob Harper, personal trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, at the Big Gay Starbuck’s in West Hollywood.  (For the record – there are 4 Starbuck locations on Santa Monica Blvd in less than 2 miles – its known that SMB/Westmount is the Big Gay one.)


A couple of things to explain. I started watching BL for the first time this season.  Heck, I am over 40, yes I said it, and slowing down and can use any tips/advice/motivation that I can.  Also, I am fascinated by the sociologic aspect.  These are contestants trying to win a prize but they also have personal challenges to overcome, all while building their own self-esteem and alliances/relationships with other contestants.  Well let me sit right back with my sugar-free pudding cup and watch.  Fascinating, right?  Also, yes it is a 2-hour show but I can breeze through it in about 40 minutes by cutting out the fluff and the commercials.  Bob, and the other trainer, Jillian, put these folks through sometimes excruciating workouts.  But after 15 weeks a number of them have lost over 100 pounds.  (Hey, I survived Barry’s Bootcamp for many months so I have no sympathy there.)  Bob really cares about the people that he trains.  But he is also strong with holding the line with them.  I didn’t approach Bob as he seemed deep in conversation.  Later that day I was invited to join Bob’s brand new Facebook page.  I saw it as a sign.

So Bob, if you are reading this, cheers to you!  Maybe when I am out Walking WeHo I will see you at the Big Gay Starbuck’s again.

8 responses to “Biggest Loser’s Bob Harper at the Big Gay Starbuck’s in West Hollywood

  1. WE (as in YOU and ME and BERN and BYRON) spotted him and his excellent self at the Abbey one sunny Sunday in June…I could not stop looking at his arms. Thank you for the memory.
    Don’t you have a camera on your cell phone?????

  2. He’s there quite often. Additionally, you can catch him at Barry’s Bootcamp usually attending the evening workouts. Yeah, I know. My mom got a kick out of me working out next to our little gay Bob.

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  4. Rebecca LaTurneau

    Hey Bob, & Jillian, I ‘ am very inspired by the Biggist Loser ! And Also my Mom ( 64 Yr’s young ) also love’s The Biggist Loser T.V. Program.
    A Bit Personal about me – Rebecca- I am 39 Years old (Nov). and I have already am in care of an Cardiologist – I had an angioplasty proceedure – Jan of 2008, I have 3 small blocked arteries. 2 – of the 3 blocked arteries I had were unblocked !! And I happen to have the High (Genenic) -High CHOLESTEROL
    340 my # July 2009 -My Cholesterol # – July 2009.
    I Rebecca do EXERCISE , at My Hosp, St. Joseph Mercy Hosp. Oakland Co, M.I. I Rebecca Participate /and do 60 -Min, twice a Week, of cardio/strenght training – In Cardio Rehabilitation Program, Phase 3 – III.
    I am allways INSPIRED by all or any tips -Diet, Exercise!
    P.S. Jillian , I chew a sugar-free bubble gum A- Lot ,I have quit smoking cigarettes, – IF I Rebecca L. ( 17 yr.s cigarettes Smoking History) CAN QUIT , ANT-ONE CAN QUIT !!!I can’t wait to see the new Fall 2009 Biggest Loser T.V. Program. Sincerely, Rebecca LaTurneau.

  5. Rebecca LaTurneau

    Post My Comments. Maybee some-one else will ( EVEN BE IN-SPIRED BY MY Comments).
    Rebecca LaTurneau.

  6. Rebecca LaTurneau

    Post My Comments. Maybee some-one else will ( EVEN BE IN-SPIRED BY MY Comments)!
    Rebecca LaTurneau. Feel Free to E-Mail Me @ : Rebecca LaTurneau: (July 2009)

  7. Gay or not- I’d touch his bum 😉

  8. I’ve seen him out quite a number of times at the Abbey in WeHo. And apparently, he and his “partner” frequent many well know WeHo estabishiments from time to time.

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