Please don’t trash WeHo…while seeking justice

UPDATE May 20:  This bears a reminder in light of the impending decision from the CA Supreme Court.  Here is what is being posted:

Rally and March starting in West Hollywood
7:00 pm on Decision Day / March starts ~ 8 pm
Where: Santa Monica Blvd & San Vicente Blvd

What to bring:

• White Ribbon to tie White Knots all along our march
• White Flowers to lay in Matthew Shepard Human Rights Park
• White Chalk to write messages in the road and on the sidewalks
• Wear White to show our unity in supporting same-sex marriage
• Bring signs and bullhorns and anything else to make noise…

You can also meet the march at approximately 9:30pm at Hollywood & Highland

March 22, 2009:  West Hollywood (and our greater LA surroundings) has a long tradition of gathering, in celebration or protest, at the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente Boulevards.  Most recently, we gathered, more than a few times, to protest the passage of Proposition 8, which added discrimination to the California Constitution by denying same-sex couples their previously afforded legal right to marry.  On March 5th the California Supreme Court heard oral arguments challenging the proposition’s validity.  Many observers believe that the court will uphold the passage of the proposition.  And we will again take to the streets!   take-intersection

Although the court has 90 days to return their decision, there have been rumblings in the community that they will release much sooner than that.  Some say it could even come before the end of March.  Unfortunately, I have also heard rumblings that people are ready to throw bricks!  Let me add that some people that I know, responsible, level-headed people, have told me that they are gearing up, even wanting to, throw bricks.  This would be a very bad turn on many fronts.  We have seen time after time a community in outrage destroy their own.  It’s happened right here in LA.  Turning on West Hollywood is not a solution.  Harming our businesses, putting our residents and visitors in harm’s way is not going to help.  Forcing our Sheriff’s personnel to take drastic action against us only harms a relationship with a very good ally.  In November our very own WeHo Sheriff’s personnel did an amazing  job working with city staffers and community leaders to keep us safe and protected.  It was not our Sheriff’s that we saw the next day on the news swinging bats.  In fact, over those following few weeks we really tapped out their resources with many protests starting elsewhere else and ending up here in West Hollywood. 


Yes, if the CA Supreme Court upholds Prop 8 we will be angry.  There is still anger in the community four months later.  I hear it, others do too.  And yes, we need an outlet for that anger.  But let’s not allow the outlet to be violent and self-destructive.  Let’s gather, yell, scream, march, stomp our feet, and other forms of getting the anger out.  But then let’s come together as a community and do what we need to do together to turn this tide around.  There have been groups that have sprung  into action since Prop 8 passed.  The Courage Campaign and Equal Roots are just two that offer positive, action oriented activities and objectives to help our cause and move us forward.  Equality Central, formerly Equality Network, has been amazing at letting us know about the many events and activities in which to participate.  Remember the press coverage?  We have the opportunity to show the world that we can take what comes next.  All struggles like this have had setbacks, Women’s Suffrage and the African American Civil Rights Movement to name just a few.  It does not make it okay, but it should make us stronger, and more determined.  I do hope that we are able to celebrate but if not, let’s be together, be angry together, grieve together, and then move forward together without harming those that help us or are part of our struggle.  Together, we can make it happen wisely and, hopefully, peacefully.  Yours in the struggle…



2 responses to “Please don’t trash WeHo…while seeking justice

  1. Follow DecisionDay on twitter for all important announcements regarding what will happen when the Supreme Court announces their decision…..

  2. I think we should be taking a hard look at the businesses in WeHo. Do they support our community or just take our money? Does the Ramada have any gay employees or do they just jack up their rates during the pride festival? Does IHOP fire long-time gay employees and refuse to have any gay publications in their restaurant?
    We may not be equal, but we have economic power.

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