CA Supreme Court to hear Prop 8 arguments today – WeHo hosts viewing

The California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today on whether Proposition 8, the anti-marriage equality (no, not gay marriage, Marriage Equality) initiative which passed at the ballot box last November, should be overturned. West Hollywood Park Auditorium is among the many viewing locations set up around the state.  The arguments will begin at 9:00 AM.  WeHo Park Auditorium is located at 647 North San Vicente Blvd.  A news conference is scheduled at the park immediately following the viewing.  The City of West Hollywood is co-sponsoring the event along with other LGBT legal organizations that are participating in the Proposition 8 litigation including LAMBDA Legal, Equality California, the ACLU and the National Center for Lesbian Rights. 

The Court ruled 4 to 3 on May 15, 2008 that same-gender couples should be entitled to marry.  Over 18,000 couples married between June and November last year.  Those 18,000 marriages are in danger of being invalidated, a first in this country, based on the outcome of the cases.  There are a few ways that Attorney’s have asked the court to overturn the proposition, most based on the CA Constitution keeping a simple majority from taking away a fundamental right from a constitutionally protected minority that has suffered discriminationCA Attorney General Jerry Brown will ask the court to overturn the measure because it eliminates an inalienable right without compelling reasons.

The Justices’ questions will be very telling to which way they are leaning.  It has been widely reported that marriage equality opponents have threatened a campaign to remove justices who vote to overturn the measure.  The Court’s decision is expected in early June.


About 50 people showed up including laywers, reporters, community activists, and legally married couples.


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