West Hollywood Election (Results are in)


11 of 11 1,441 300 2,393 2,615

Walking WeHo congratulates the two incumbents, Mayor Jeffrey Prang and Councilmember John J. Duran on their victories.  Ms. Meister and Mr. Stoyanov should be applauded for their willingness to run and serve our community. 


The City of West Hollywood will elect two (2) members to serve on the City Council on Tuesday, March 3.  Election information can be found on the city’s website, www.weho.org, which includes candidate statements and information as well as your polling location.  Your vote counts!  It is your right and your responsibility.  Please vote!

The four candidates are:

Bisser Stoyanov, Lauren Meister, John J. Duran, Jeffrey Prang



3 responses to “West Hollywood Election (Results are in)

  1. I’m looking for Weho election results – can’t seem to find them on the LATimes site. Can you post something here?

  2. Congrats to the incumbents. It’s no great surprise that they won, considering advantages with funding and name recognition. In my memory, only one incumbent in WeHo has been defeated for reelection. Anyone for campaign reform? Term limits have been voted down by WeHo, which I think is a good decision: look at what term limits have done to the state legislature. What other reforms can level the playing field? How about campaign fund limits?

  3. Demanik – how true. I was out spent 10:1 by council member Duran. Considering that I received nearly 1500 votes at $13 per vote, compared to 2400 votes at $80 per vote, I think I did pretty well. I believe that Bev Hills has a voluntary maximum on spending. Maybe WeHo should consider…

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