Bills, bills, bills….and nothing else!

It’s bad enough that the bills continue to come in every month.  And that you have to take the time and pay them.  What is really annoying to me is all of the “extras” that come in your bill.  You know those little ads and offers that fit nicely in next to your statement?  Them!  Oh, and the one that is actually a flap part of the envelope?  That one just about puts me over the edge.  First, I thought that we are supposed to be cutting down on paper.  Don’t print this email unless you really need to.  I follow that rule.  Less paper, less trees cut down.  We all need to be Green

Next, are they trying to distract us from the fact that we owe them money?  And that a month comes quick and we feel that we just paid that bill?  Let’s pad these with some offers and it might take the sting out.  We’re on to you, people. 

Finally, do we need the stuff?  I think not.  Do we need a commemorative plate from the inauguration?  No.  Do we need a stamp with our return address?  Or a professional portfolio?  What about the opportunity to enroll in all those benefit programs that your credit cards offer?  Enough

I’ve taken to mailing them back.  Yep, mailing them back.  Just write the check.  (Yes, for the most part I still write a check.  I’m steadily moving to the technology age and do pay some bills on line.)  Then I put all of those little pieces of paper in the provided envelope and mail it back.  Try it. It feels like a little victory.  Ah ha, I’ll get them!   See, it makes you feel better.


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