Last day to register to Vote in the West Hollywood Municipal Election

Today, Tuesday, February 17, is the last day to register to vote in local municipal elections.  The City of West Hollywood will elect two (2) members to serve on the City Council on Tuesday, March 3.  Election information can be found on the city’s website,, which includes candidate’s statements and information.  You can register today at WeHo City Hall.  For other voter registration locations you can visit the CA Secretary of State‘s website.  Your vote counts!  It is your right and your responsibility. 



6 responses to “Last day to register to Vote in the West Hollywood Municipal Election

  1. I’m glad that there are some new faces running for City Council, but it’s a shame there aren’t anyone exciting like last time. I really liked Steve Martin and Patricia Nell Warren.
    I just got a mailing from Lauren Meister and there was absolutely nothing about the gay community. It’s sad that a candidate who wants to lead West Hollywood doesn’t even acknowledge the GLBT community. The only reason I pay the high prices to live here is because this is a gay haven. It seems like West Hollywood could lose it’s gay magic if we don’t work to keep this city special (and gay). If that happens, we might as well live in Sherman Oaks or someplace more affordable!
    Looks like it’ll be Prang and Duran this time around. But next time, I hope there’ll be some good gay candidates running against Abbe and Sal.

  2. My oh my, how breederphobia of you. You must be the gay Archie Bunker. Thought we were the creative city embracing diversity.

  3. I’m committed to bringing back what we loved most about WeHo: Creativity, Diversity and Charm. Speaking of diversity… 45% of West Hollywood’s population is female, yet only one female (20%) on the council. To me – that’s really sad.

  4. I agree with the above posters. We need more lesbians in West Hollywood and I would vote for one for City Council in a heartbeat!
    Diversity is good. I think we can all agree with that. But many of us moved from places like Orange County to live around other gay people. It may make me a horrible person, but if I wanted to eat dinner around crying babies and large families, I’d live in Irvine. West Hollywood is a destination city because of it’s gay rep.
    I’d love to see Steve Martin or Patricia Nell Warren on the council, not only because they’re gay, but because they’d get the over-development under control.

  5. Robert, if over-development is one of your issues, then I suggest you reconsider voting for me! You’re only going to get more of the same with the same old, same old…

  6. Sam, we want your endorsements for the City elections!!

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