Walking WeHo lives up to its name…

Eight years ago, February 14, 2001, I picked up my brand new car, a Silver Volvo S-40.  Last night, almost to the hour, I got in and took a picture of the mileage.  45, 978 miles in 8 years.  That is less than 5,800 miles per year.  And for the past six years I have shared the car with the B-man.  What does all that mean?  


I am clearly cutting down on pollution, California emissions standards or not.  I am not contributing to the parking or traffic challenges that we face in West Hollywood.  In fact, I am helping.  Am I supporting the local economy?  To quote a recent VP candidate, “You betchya!”  I eat at local restaurants, shop at the Mom & Pop stores, get my household goods from Target and my hardware supplies from Koontz.  And if you are a regular reader you know that Trader Joe’s keeps me well stocked.  Until last summer I worked for a company based in the city.  Now I work from home.  The non-profit organization that I served on the board, The Trevor Project, I had a hand in moving them into the city four years ago.  My point?  It can be done.  I’m a neighborhood kind of guy.  I bet that you can be too.  I hope to see you on the streets sometime.


4 responses to “Walking WeHo lives up to its name…

  1. I live in the heart of WeHo and that’s been exactly my average mileage every year as well. My 19999 Camry is holding up pretty well. It’s great to live and work in a city where I can shop and play locally. I hope that the new trend in “for lease” signs isn’t going to make that more difficult.

  2. As a Transportation Commissioner, I salute you!

    When my car was in the shop last year, I went 23 days without driving! In may it will be 4 years old and I only have about 17,000 miles on it.

    WeHo is a very walkable community, thanks to our density and mix of commercial and residential uses. Too bad some people forget that!

  3. Sam,

    You need to come visit where I live in Boynton Beach. It’s very walkable, as well. Unfortunately, I don’t work nearby, but I definitely walk when I can.

  4. I’m in the same boat with my 1995 Ford Escort; only 80k miles! There are weeks at a time that I don’t need to drive it and everything is in walking distance. To all those people who say that it’s impossible to live without a car in LA, I love to prove otherwise. My only dilemma is that it’s been tempting to get a new car, but I don’t think I’d get my money’s worth out of it

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