Sammy at the Grammy’s….

So Walking WeHo was invited to attend the 51st annual Grammy Awards and enjoy the comforts of a suite at the Staples Center.  Unfortuantely, not even my (self-made) press credentials allowed the ability to smuggle in the camera.  C’est La Vie! 


The suite is the way to go.  And ours was the closest to the stage.  Stocked fridge, wine, cheese n’ crackers,  beer, vodka, private server, big screen TV and great views of the stage and auditorium.  It was all very cushy.  Friends arrived and we were off.  The fashion among the crowd ranged from recycled prom dress to hoochy-mama.  I’m just sayin’.  I was wearing a leather shirt jacket.  sammy-bern-graammy-09

The show kicked off with U2‘s rousing rendition of their new single, Get on Your Boots!  As soon as Bono finished he called out for Whitney Houston who received quite the applause before stumbling a bit through her personal tribute to Clive Davis.  Whitney then presented Jennifer Hudson with the Grammy for Best R&B Album.  Jennifer too received strong applause and with grace thanked her family both here and in heaven.  JH is classy!  Highlights from here on out…  Al Green, Boyz 2 Men, Keith Urban sang Let’s Stay TogetherColdplay’s Vida La Vida was a fun performance and a Grammy fav winning a few awards.  Carrie Underwood has quite the powerful voice.  I loved Jennifer Hudson’s performance of You Pulled Me Through.  It was very moving.  Didn’t particularly care for the Stevie Wonder/Jonas Bros bit and I am a fan of Stevie.  At this time we can see that they were preparing one of the stages with giant fruit for Katy Perry.  Girl likes giant fruit as much as she likes to Kiss a GirlKayne West (didn’t like the hair) and Estelle did a nice piece.  What the heck is Morgan Freeman doing here?  Queen Latifah was there too introducing some people I’ve never heard of.  Oops!  The Queen looked good though.  Radiohead & the USC Marching Band?  Ok!  The Four Tops tribute, lead by Smokey Robinson and including Jamie Foxx could have gone on longer. It certainly had everyone up and moving.  Neil Diamond.  It must be stated that some of my suite-mates were in and out quite a bit and kept having celeb sightings including someone named M.I.A. and the still apparently confused, Paula Abdul.  A lot of performances, not a lot of awards. Okay, this is going on three hours now and I want to get out before the crowd does.  Plus, I have suffered through Robert Plant twice now.  All in all it was a great experience.  This has been Sammy at the Grammy’s



5 responses to “Sammy at the Grammy’s….

  1. I would have been there but I was busy dealing with Rhianna and her drama.

  2. “Al Green, Boyz 2 Men, Keith Urban sang Let’s Stay Together. ” Sweetheart, as much as I love you, you failed to include the hottie himself, The Mr. JT, Justin Timberlake!
    AND, I heard this morning on the radio that they put that set together last minute (Rev. Al Green was in the bathtub when they called him and Justin presented the idea!) due to the the Chris Brown/Rhianna no show incident! Amazing!
    I am so happy you were there…

  3. …Sir Paul McCartney?!!

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  5. Did you take photos of Whitney???
    Aswer on my e-mail
    Thank you much

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