Sam on the Streets with the Sisters

You ever have one of those days where you go out for lunch (usually in WeHo) and end up out for hours and hours?  Yes, we all have.  You’re having fun, you’re with friends, it’s a beautiful day….. That was my Saturday, February 7th

It started at the French Market restaurant, where we spied Seth Rogen.  Okay, two asides.  Apparently, it is the French Quarter restaurant at the French Market Place but in my nearly nine (9) years in WeHo everyone that I know has called it the French Market.  I’m just sayin’.  No, I did not get a photo of, or with, Seth Rogen.  I’m not shy, I mean, you do know me.  I am just hyper-respectful when it comes to approaching celebs, most especially when they are eating.  And I was not about to go running outside after him.  Anyway…. Here is a photo taken just after Sister Sean made his diet coke glass explode. 


Sean made a Special Dessert for us which shall forever be known as the Brenda Chandler. 


This one is titled, My Hair may be Flat Today but my Boyfriend still Adores me…


From the French Quarter/Market we moved on in separate directions, we went to set up my long-put-off PDA, Randsome went to get ready for work, and the others went to meet Mike.  We also had to pick up our Grammy’s tickets from Don Murphy. 


Somehow we ended up back together and for a little while it was like Goldilocks on the Streets.  This place is too loud.  This one is too small.  This place is not even open yet.  So we found this qauint little neighborhood bar and decided to chat and then play pool. 


I am not a pool player but somehow Leaping Leeper and I won FOUR (4) games.  Who said we were just pretty faces? 

Even though I kept trying to leave to take my Saturday late-afternoon nap, we somehow ended up at the Cafe D where we saw the comedy act of Doherty and Bernstein.


This may have been me trying to hail a cab, or trying to catch up as we headed to the Yogurt Stop!


All in all we had a great time.  Thanks to all the participants; the B-Man, Randsome, Lady Chandler, Leaping Leeper, Miss Kitty Carlyle, Mac-Daddy Mike and any of the stragglers that we met along the way.  Sometimes you must just go with the flow and enjoy the journey.


One response to “Sam on the Streets with the Sisters

  1. Thankyou for my Sunday Smile. This was the best Sam on the Streets ever. And I know you missed having me and Ginger and Mary Ann along.

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