UPDATE: Self-defense courses offered in WeHo

Impact Personal Safety – is now offering classes here in West Hollywood. They provide self-defense and empowerment programs and have invited me to check out their introductory workshop since becoming a non-profit org.  Always a good idea to be prepared to properly defend yourself.  Check out the link for more details. 


I was only able to spend 90 minutes (1/2 the class) on Sunday but I left with a new sense of empowerment.  The instructors were informative and encouraging.  We started by going through why it is important to be prepared and aware of your surroundings.  We shared why each participant was there.  We were walked through the basic first steps.  They took their time to really walk through some defensive moves.  For me a good thing as I am, well not uncoordinated, but not so good on the combination moves.  I was able to try out some moves before I had to go.  What I found very interesting is that this is not just for fear of an attack or imminent danger, but can also be very helpful for say a situation in a nightclub where someone is coming on way too strong.  Your “awareness stance” and tone of voice can turn that situation around. 

Later I interviewed Heidi Hornbacher, COO of Impact Personal Safety

Walking WeHo:  Heidi, how did you become so involved with Impact?

Heidi: I walked out of my first class, Basics, feeling so empowered and at peace with myself, and my dreams, that I was hooked. 

WW: What are three (3) things that participants will leave a class with?

HH: The belief that their lives are worth fighting for.  The knowledge at a cellular level that they can successfully fight for their lives.  The ability to set boundaries, speak up when they need to, and get what they want from life. 

WW: Have you heard back from past participants with success stories?

HH: All the time!  This is one of my favorite things about this work and there is a mailback feature on our web site.  Success looks so many ways.  For one rape survivor, it was leaving the house after dark for the first time in 10 years.  For a 15 year old girl that I taught, it was sending an attacker off in an ambulance after he grabbed her at knife-point and dragged her into an alley.  I am inspired by our students.


One response to “UPDATE: Self-defense courses offered in WeHo

  1. This is wonderful, thanks Sam! A friendly reader of yours has already booked us for an LGBT workshop in Silverlake!

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