Prop 8 frustrations still felt around WeHo

Some friends attended the HRC “Talking Q Politics” Happy Hour event the other night at East-West Lounge, West Hollywood.  The guest speaker, David Codell, is Lead Counsel for the Anti-Prop 8 Lawsuit and was Co-counsel and author of the original brief arguing in favor of Marriage Equality at the CA Supreme Court.  Mr. Codell is a well-respect and tireless advocate for Marriage Equality.  He has been honored for his work by numerous organizations.  According to my friends things became pretty lively as Mr. Codell was giving an update on the state of the case to the room.  One guest became agitated by all of the “legalese” and asked for more radical action.  Others chimed in…some wanting more action, others wanting to afford the speaker his chance to finish.  Apparently, the organizers quickly shut down the public portion and offered that Mr. Codell would answer questions in the back room.  Nearly three months after the crushing defeat of Marriage Equality there are still many who are worked up about it.  There are so many ways to parlay that energy into something that creates a personal outlet and garners positive action. Many organizations have sprung up.  Just this past weekend there were  two opportunities for people to learn to become better activists.  Even our new President asked the age old question, what are we willing to do? Well, community, what are you willing to do?  Check out Equality Network’s list of organizations to see where you can be of service.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.  — Margaret Mead



4 responses to “Prop 8 frustrations still felt around WeHo

  1. Ugh..Sam. You wrote about something you did not attend. The HRC organizers did not shut down the questionsing at all. The club had another event booked at 8pm. They offerred us the back room so people could continue to ask questions. Dave Codell was a great sport and stayed around for another hour answering questions. His area of expertise is the “legal arguments” of the cases involved. He is not a campaign strategist. The gentleman that was objecting loudly offerred a strategy of “throwing rocks through windows”. ….just thought this should be reported from someone that was actually in the room.

    • Thanks for your comments, Parker. Nothing in my post disparages Mr. Codell, and, in fact, I highlight his accomplishments and state that he is well respected and has been honored for his work. This was reported to me by people that were in the room and my post refers to that a few times. I purposely used the words “apparently” and “according to” as I was not in the room. It was not apparent to the attendees that the move was due to a time constraint, and in checking the email, they made particular mention of it. I appreciate your clarification. Hopefully, the point that we must all take personal responsibility and positive action is what people take away from this. THANKS AGAIN.

  2. Sam thanks for the post. A lot of us are still worked up as you point out and what I found most valuable in your post was the link to Equality Network. Whether you attended or not is not the point. The point is ‘what can WE do now!?’. Thanks.

  3. Well, Sam, Margaret said it and over the past 45 years we have been living it. We’ve come a long way but still have a long way to go.
    Keep you your good labors there with the “family” in WeHo … I do miss not living there any longer as we had such great times there.
    Oh! I also got a plug in for Walking WeHo on my INet Talk Show. You rock, guy!

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