West Hollywood Pet Peeve

This post will not have a photo connected to it.  West Hollywood is one of the pet-friendliest cities in the United States.  We have many pet guardians (owners) in the city.  Some city events are specifically for pets.  We have special ordinances to protect pets (cat declawing, puppy mill sellers).  WeHo even has a special off-leash dog park and offers many poop-scoop stations for pet walkers to pick up and deposit their waste.  This is all good and very important for a progressive and creative city.  As a frequent WeHo Walker I wonder then, why is it that so many of these pet walkers don’t pick up after their pet?  Isn’t that part of the right and responsibility?  I’ve noticed an increase in pet waste on the sidewalk.  Have you?  It’s challenging enough to make sure that you don’t step on it on the grassy part of our roadsides.  When I have visitors park in front of my building I warn them to be aware of the pet poop.  Now, it seems, we have to dodge it on the sidewalks as well.  West Hollywood has a Pooper-Scooper Law as well as a Leash Law.  I ask that all pet walkers be a little more neighborhood friendly.  Check out this link for Pet Safety & Responsibilities.

4 responses to “West Hollywood Pet Peeve

  1. I’m so glad you brought this up! I haven’t noticed in increase in dog poo in the city. It’s ALWAYS been bad. Many WeHo dog owners are terrible about cleaning up after their pets. They use the city as their litter box. I often see people letting their dogs dump before they look around and walk away without cleaning it. Even when someone does “clean” it up, how much gets left behind? It’s a bit selfish for people with apartments to have medium of large dogs. If they can’t take care of their pets’ waste in their own homes, maybe they shouldn’t have a pet.
    One has to be very careful, with eyes down, when walking the sidewalks of WeHo because of these dog owners.

  2. While I do not live in WeHo, it seems this problem is universal….I am the proud mom of 2 adorable beagles that I love to take for walks. I always have my handy little poo poo bags with me for the presents my beagles may wish to leave on the grass as we walk. I mean after all, with all the amazing smells in our world, a dog has to do what a dog has to do!
    I would like to say that perhaps the increase in the puppy poo poo presents are due to stray dogs leaving them for you…in fact I would have said that until last Saturday when I witnessed an irresponsible dog walker with my own eyes.
    In the middle of the day, on a very busy street with lots of traffic and high visibility, a ‘gentleman’ was walking his not so small dog, and the dog stopped to poop. (I was sitting at a red light) The dog pooping didn’t surprise me, after all, thats what dogs do. Eat, sleep, play, poop. It was the dog walker that took me by surprise when he stood by while the doggie pooped and when the doggie finished, he just continued walking. The guy didn’t even look around to see if anyone was watching…he just left the poop there! Oh, and in case you are thinking maybe he didn’t know the dog pooped, he did. HE WATCHED THE DOG DO IT.
    I wanted to text someone and tell them about it, but I was driving so…..I yelled out the window at him instead.

  3. How do you know it’s dog (poop)?

  4. Well, now you are talking about Santa Monica, surely, not West Hollywood!

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