West Hollywood, Not Recession Proof…

An interesting thing happened on my recent West Hollywood Walk,  practically overnight three local businesses, within four blocks of each other, went out of business.  One, The Courtyard Restaurant, was completely closed.  The other two, Famina and The Scribe Cafe had Going Out of Business signs posted.  The Courtyard had been in business for five years and Famina opened this location, their first in the United States, in July, 2005.  The Scribe was a more recent addition to the city.  We are not recession proof here in We Ho.  We must support our local businesses so that they can thrive in the good times and, most especially, survive the tough ones. 



3 responses to “West Hollywood, Not Recession Proof…

  1. It’s very sad to see so many business struggling right now and I only hope many can just hang on for while until we get through this mess. I would encourage everyone to support their local businesses.

  2. Wow. I really liked Famima. Sure, it’s a very expensive 7-11, but it was a great place to get dinner for those of us eating and living late. I’ll miss it.
    I went to the Courtyard once and got bad service and a big bill. Restaurants have always come and gone in the neighborhood, but it was good to see that space so consistently occupied.
    So what’s next? What business should be supported? Some WeHo businesses (like the Ramada and Quiznos) aren’t particularly gay-friendly.
    Some, like BENEVNUTO, TANGO GRILL, VIDEO WEST and A DIFFERENT LIGHT are essential to our community.
    WHo else do we need to support and how do we go about doing that?

  3. I was talking to a worker at A Different Light bookstore before x-mas and he told me they may have to close their doors due to horrible sales.

    Go support!..I love that store, and it’s almost a corner stone to the community. I even picked up a book today 🙂

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