Crimes of Opportunity on the rise in West Hollywood

A little Reminder: In an economic downturn there is often an increase in crime.  A high majority of these are crimes of opportunity.  Leave something of value visible, a theif will take it.  Leave your car windows open, all they need to do is reach in and grab.  Vehicular Burglary has been on ongoing problem in West Hollywood and the surrounding communities.   You only need to read the weekly West Hollywood Sheriff’s Crime Blotter to see.  $600.00 sunglasses left on seat of car$1,500 laptop stolen from unsecured vehicle.  Other crimes include: Victim left purse in shopping cart unattended.  Unsecured bicycle stolen from victim’s balcony.  Personal responsibility and due diligence are the best way to avoid becoming a victim. 

  • Secure your valuables.  Lock your vehicle and hide your GPS, PDA, Laptop, Sunglasses, etc.  The trunk is a great hiding place. 
  • Park in well-lighted areas.
  • Lock your doors, car and home.  That quick trip to the laundry room, or into the convenience store, could cost you. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings.  Take a look around to see if you are being observed. 
  • Tell your guests and visitors to the city to take these precautions. 
  • Report anything suspicious to the WeHo Sheriff’s Dept310.855.8850

The Sheriff’s Dept and City Public Safety Staff and Commission are increasing their outreach to educate the community and city visitors through Neighborhood Watch meetings, Sheriff’s Volunteers, and enhanced visibility at city functions.  Live, Work, Play.  Be Safe!



4 responses to “Crimes of Opportunity on the rise in West Hollywood

  1. Good words of wisdom for all of our communities!

  2. Hey I like that poster. Who’s idea was that!? 🙂

  3. Somebody spent $600 dollars on sunglasses?
    Seriously, these are good, common-sense tips. It’s always good to be reminded since it’s easy to get lazy when it comes to security.

  4. Times are really hard. Who said life is easy. Its good to be reminded. Hope the present new government would spend and invest on FREE education rather wage WAR! Were so busy fixing things out there but too poor fixing US here.

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