Is it West Hollywood?

Last February, after many years, the United States Post Office on San Vicente Blvd officially became the West Hollywood Station, 90069

Recently it was reported that the Reverend Rick Warren, who has compared same-gender marriage to that of pedophilia and incest, was at the Out of the Closet store in West Hollywood. 

Many movies with scenes on the Sunset Strip refer to it as the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles when they are clearly in WeHo

Heidi Klum and husband, Seal, were recently photographed at West Hollywood Park but was Jessica Alba? 

Why are some restaurants and nightclubs deemed West Hollywood and others not?  Why do some people claim to live in WeHo when they are just over the line?  What is West Hollywood? 


This is the outline of the city.  Yes, it is strange.  This city was incorporated by the people who fought for the freedom to break free of LA.  And while I have only lived here  just under 9 years, I am a proud resident.  I was thrilled that the Post Office finally recognized that it was ours.  I was not happy that the reports stated that Rick Warren was in WeHo.  Don’t get me wrong, the man is free to go wherever he wants.  But, it seemed like a publicity stunt and he was not even in WeHo.  If you look closely at the photo that was distributed widely, he was at the Out of the Closet store on Fairfax in LA.  It irritates me when local businesses use Los Angeles as their address.  It makes me happy to know that Heidi & Seal brought their children to to play in our.  West Hollywood is the place to be. 

We are West Hollywood.  We are proud of it.  We’ll take credit, and responsibility, for what is ours.  All that I ask is for a little more accuracy in reporting.  Have a Wonderful WeHo Wednesday!



3 responses to “Is it West Hollywood?

  1. omg I share you pet peeve about businesses in WeHo claiming LA. The WeHo line is already hard to follow and they’re just making it more difficult.

    I live right outside the WeHo line (one block north of the Guitar Center on Sunset) and ALWAYS ask me if that’s in WeHo. I have to tell them I’m one block away from the best renter’s rights in all of LA.

  2. It is irritating when businesses idenify themselves, or are identified by others, as being in LA (or Beverly Hills) when they are in WeHo. Part of the problem is that WeHo is a relatively new city. And the convoluted city boundaries don’t help.

    I’m not sure whether the other side of the coin is so bad: when I see a business on LA’s 3rd Street identified as being in WeHo, I assume someone is associating them with whatever trendy/chic image accrues to WeHo. But I agree about Warren’s visit to the Fairfax Out of the Closet , It should not have been identified as WeHo.

  3. I think it’s a homophobia factor. Seriously, when the media is portraying a mainstream story, they bend the rules and call Sunset Strip as being in Los Angeles. But let someone get gay-bashed, attend Pride or something ‘gay’ and suddenly the Strip (or anything else for that matter) is West Hollywood. It seems like media, businesses and some residents use LA and WeHo interchangeably based on whether or not they need to be ‘str8 acting’… another peeve all together

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