Walking West Hollywood (WeHo) Final Post 2008

Friends – this is the final Walking WeHo post of 2008.  As is tradition, Walking WeHo adjourns at the end of the year and re-convenes as Strolling San Diego.  Our first post of the year will be on Monday, January 5th, 2009.  Thanks for your loyalty and support these past few months.  It has been a real treat.  Happy, Healthy, and Safe New Year to you….

It’s December 30, 2008.  It’s the time for reflection.  It seems that we are all starting to think about the year past and the year future.  What was I doing this time last year?  What did I hope to accomplish in 2008?  Why did I purchase that shirt?  I never did wear it.  What is important to me this year?  What am I going to do to make _____ happen?  I am not a big fan of resolutions.  I think that they are designed for failure.  Sure some of them may work.  But, how many?  A year?  A whole year?  We are not that kind of society.  We are all about the now.  Maybe the Christian-observed Lent, 40 days, has a more obtainable goal.  I am making no resolutions this year.  I am going to continue some of the goals that I work on daily; financial security, healthy body, sound mind, and graciousness.  I have made an effort these past six months or so to be more gracious.  Sometimes I am not my better self but I am realizing it more in the moment.  That knowledge gives me little victories the next time.   Be gracious

I am also reflecting on the wonderful things that happened this past year.  After 10 months I was able to get the back pain to a manageable, and in fact, better place.  I lost my job, but gained so many opportunities and new experiences that I have been blessed with.  Since September I have oft repeated, “In some ways, I am having the time of my life.”  I eased away from the non-profit organization that I helped build but remain filled with the knowledge that I changed lives and saved lives.  I have learned that technology is not evil, this site, I LOVE, and Facebook has opened a whole new world.  Even suffering a major political defeat this year has had its positive outcomes.  A surge of activism and reactivisim.  And marching alongside the future leaders, gay, non-gay, wow, that was an amazing experience.   And Friends!  In this year alone I have gained more than a few new friends that are now family.  Some friendships even solidified this year.  And even those blasts from the past on Facebook have been fun to reconnect with.  So what will next year bring?  To paraphrase from Gilda Radner’s book, It’s Always Something, I don’t know, but I am looking forward to the Delicious Ambiguity.



4 responses to “Walking West Hollywood (WeHo) Final Post 2008

  1. It IS always something, and for that I am thankful! It keeps me on my toes, and confirms that I am alive! Keep having the time of your life, and I will too!

  2. I think I love the San Diego Stroller almost as much as I love the WeHo Walker! Happy New Year!

  3. Shouldn’t “Strolling San Diego” actually be, “HOOFIN’ HILLCREST”?

  4. Well hello dear brother from Plymouth, MA – I just had the opportunity to sit and read, I love when it is quiet and I can absorb…..it is always quite delightful and refreshing. A breath of fresh air. So happy to know you are enjoying life and that you are out there – completely happy and at peace in Cali. You are sharing your “graciousness” with the world – I love that about you! Just wanted you to know how much you are loved and how proud of you I am. “Imagine all the people living in peace……..” Write on! Love you, Borelli #1 xoxoxo

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