Facebook Fanatic…

Are you obsessed with your friend’s status reports?  I am.  I’m pretty sure that I also like the attention that comes when others comment on my status.  Did you know that Facebook played a major role in mobilizing the GLBT Community after the passing of Proposition 8?  It did.  Guess how many times I checked Facebook while writing this?  (3 so far)  Yeah, it’s a little nutty.  6 months ago when someone suggested that I join Facebook I answered, a bit incredulously, “Uh, that’s for kids, hello!”  Boy was I wrong.  Now I look incredulously at others, “What do you mean you’re not on Facebook?”  How else will you know that your friend in Nebraska just bought a new pair of sneakers?  Or that Jack in NY is a Fan of Rachel Maddow?  (Now at 4 cuz I had to confirm that Jack was actually a fan of RM)  Here’s something, most people don’t call it FB.  Why is that?  We are a society of shortener’s.  Yeah, we are.  Texting:  LOL, Where R U?  Emailing: Who reads more than the first 5 sentences in an email?  And Names:  Do you know my friend JMB?  Because JohnMichael Beck is just too long to say.  I am the king of shortening.  My very first assistant was Adrianne.  No, that took to long.  She became Addie and I got her down to Ad in those final days.  But I digress.  (Let me look at Facebook to remind myself why I am writing this – 5)  Just for the record, Brian just commented on Beckie’s photo.  I really needed to know that.  Is Facebook the new cultural escape?  Is TV that lame?  Are even web sites becoming stagnant?  I actually think so.  I used to be a CNN junkie but now I check the front page twice daily and only very rarely click through.  But I can tell you now (6 checks) that 5 of my friends are attending a holiday party later today.  I think that I am getting it.  I am immediate.  And so is the world.  And I have a little bit of ADD.  In fact, one friend summed it up nicely for me.  I said, “Well, you know that I have a short attention span.”  To which he replied, “Sam, you never even get to the span part!”  (7 – someone in New England just got power back after 48 hours)  Facebook is here and it looks like it will be part of our culture for a while.  But, Twitter and others are making their moves too.  You can text immediately to your network where you are/what you’re doing.  Even though I am a late-adopter I bet it won’t be too long before I am Twittering.  Twitting?  Twit?  Twing, there it is!  I gotta go now, It’s Julie’s b-day (8) and I got to go write on her wall.



4 responses to “Facebook Fanatic…

  1. The book of the face experience has been incredible. It has provided an outlet to connect with old friends, make some new, get to know others better and even find out who your real friends are! Ideas, support, encouragement, information, entertainment….all can be found within my facebook world and I love it!

  2. If one TWITTERS, does that make them a TWIT?

  3. Re: shortening, I found this yesterday: http://ragazzainteractive.wordpress.com/2008/11/16/the-evolution-of-writing-on-the-internet/

    I’m also a Facebook and CNN addict; I go through my sites at least once an hour – check CNN, Twitter, Facebook, and a few others. I have to make sure I didn’t miss anything!

  4. Ahh. Yes. You are now… one of ussss.

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