Trader Joe’s – Ah the Joy…

Not too long ago some friends got together and during the course of the conversation a new game was launched.  Name your two favorite Trader Joe’s items.  Seriously, name them!  You can talk to just about anyone, in just about any part of the country and they will have a TJ item or two that they love.  Think about it for a moment.  West Hollywood currently has two locations.  Yes, two Trader Joe’s in one point nine square miles.  Need I say more?  What are my two favorite TJ’s items?  Well, one is consistent; Apple Stuffing filled Pork Chops.  Yum-e!  Seriously, for a cooking-challenged person they are easy, fairly quick and consistently dee-licious.  My second place finishers are Italian Sausage Pasta Sauce, Breaded Chicken TenderloinToasted Oatmeal Flakes, and Multi-grain French Toast.  These are all staples in my house.  Now, what two Trader Joe’s items are your fav’s?  Leave them in the comments below.


16 responses to “Trader Joe’s – Ah the Joy…

  1. Coconut sorbet in a coconut shell–yummy. Fun presentation.

  2. Trader Joe’s feta cheese pastry bites w/ carmelized onions are out of this world…I can’t get enough of them!! I bring to every party I go to!!

  3. The wine and the the wine. Oh and I forgot..the wine.

  4. Bottled Thai red and yellow curry sauces – great with jasmine rice and veggies!
    Also the sparkling Italian sodas – especially blueberry.
    And my Trader Joe’s shopping bag.

  5. Chicken Drumettes!!

  6. the Chunky Olive Hummus. I’ve eaten an entire container with my finger.

  7. mini beef tacos & black bean and rice burrito

  8. i loove the spinach and artichoke dip and bagel chips-amazing. also ham n cheese pastry puffs and rasberry bree.

  9. With the holidays here the best thing to have for a treat are the PEPPERMINT Jo-Jo’s – they taste better than OREOS!

  10. Just two? Definitely the cheddar cheese squares.

    And the mushroom turnover appetizers.

  11. The spicy flaxseed tortilla chips please.

  12. Gravel Bar chardonnay is under $5 and is delicious! Also the mini chocolate chip cookies are addictive.

  13. …and the “low-fat” cheese puffs and cheese crunchies.

  14. One thing I don’t like at Trader Joe’s is their support of the Salvation Army, an organization that discriminates against gay people and is against gay marriage.

    Here’s the email I sent to Trader Joe’s:

    First, I must say that I love having a Trader Joe’s in my neighborhood. You have great food, great prices and a nice staff.

    But I was disappointed today to see a Salvation Army representative outside our store. The Salvation Army has a long history of discriminating against gay people. (Just Google “Salvation Army + gay, or check out their own website where they make clear they are anti-gay marriage,

    So soon after the pain of Prop 8, it’s disappointing that Trader Joe’s would let an organization raise money at a store that’s in the heart of the gayest neighborhood in the world. It feels like a slap in the face.

    I urge you to reconsider helping an organization that discriminates against your customers.

    For further information, see:

  15. Hi Robert.

    Does TJ’s support the Salvation Army? The store in Weho has (had?) a sign inside saying they do not condone solicitors outside their stores.

    Let us know what your hear back from TJ’s.


  16. Dear Ed,

    I sure will. The WeHo store (by Ramada + 24 Hour Fitness) has a private parking lot and is somewhat isolated. It’s not like the Salvation Army is on a public sidewalk or anything like that. I’m still waiting to hear from Trader Joe’s.

    I’ll keep you posted when I do!

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