Sunset (Strip) Club up in Flames

Fire broke out this morning at The Body Shop on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.  The LA County Fire Dept received the first call at about 6:45 am.  LACFD provides service to West Hollywood and was backed up by LA City and Beverly Hills Fire Depts on each side.  The Body Shop is located at 8250 Sunset Blvd and claims to be in continuous operation for nearly 50 years.  An LACFD Public Information Officer on-scene reported that the club was empty at the time.  The fire was knocked down within the hour and two firefighters suffered minor injuries.  Morning traffic snarled as Sunset Boulevard was immediately shut down between Crescent Heights and La Cienega.  Guests at the nearby Standard Hotel were briefly evacuated. 



7 responses to “Sunset (Strip) Club up in Flames

  1. Seriously…what is the deal with the fires in your town??? Maybe it was so hot hot hot in that club that it just spontaneously combusted.

  2. PS- I am relieved that no one was seriously hurt.

  3. Well, no one was physically hurt, but we are definitely hurting in other ways. That club was like a big family and now we have to disperse across So Cal to various strip clubs indefinitely.

  4. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends at the body shop may your bussiness grow double from this setback

  5. I bet they decided to sell the club to their underwriters. i.e. business was bad because of the economy, so an accident was allowed to happen, so they can collect on insurance.

  6. i used to work there im soo sad all the girls were so beautiful and cool i will miss that place with all those creepy guys sad face.

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