It’s Hillary!

President-elect Barack Obama selected Senator Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State and I’m happy.  I had mixed feelings on Hillary Clinton throughout the primaries but knew that I would vote for her.  And so I did.  As did many, many others.  I did want to see a Female President of the United States and I could not think of another that was as qualified at this time.  Hillary proved, even with bumps, to be a strong candidate and a tireless campaigner.  And, what I most admired, she did not quit.  The message that she sent to young people, and most especially young women, was that you can go the distance.  She also let it be clear that you don’t let anyone tell you when to quit.  Hillary went the distance and then bowed out graciously.  The Secretary of State is such a key role as we move forward.  We have had outstanding past secretaries of state and I for one am happy that we have a strong, well-regarded woman as the face and voice of America in these very unsettling times.  Go Hillary! 



One response to “It’s Hillary!

  1. I agree. I’m happy w/Obama’s choice, especially since Hilary already has strong diplomatic ties.

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