Lighting up West Hollywood

The City of West Hollywood, The Public Safety Commission and local Neighborhood Watch groups launched the Lights On West Hollywood program this week to enhance public safety in residential and commercial neighborhoods. The goal of the Lights On West Hollywood program is to aid residents and business owners by providing free motion detector lights to qualifying addresses. Proper lighting is crucial to crime prevention.  Vehicular Burglary is on the rise in West Hollywood and our surrounding communities.  Having better lit streets, alleys, parking garages and back yards will help cut down on these crimes of opportunity. Live, Work, Play – Be Safe!

We’re thrilled to be able to offer another tool to our residents and business owners to help increase public safety in West Hollywood,” said Mayor Pro Tempore Abbe Land, who initiated the program. “We remain committed to working in partnership with our Neighborhood Watch groups, business owners, the Public Safety Commissioners and others to make our community even safer.” 

All participants in the Lights On West Hollywood program must be West Hollywood residents or business owners. One motion detector light is available per address and are available on a first come, first serve basis. Priority will be given to those who participate in their Neighborhood Watch group.  Applicants must have the authorization of the property owner where the light is to be installed. The City of West Hollywood will not install lights or be responsible for maintenance. Don’t delay.  To participate, please use the link to the application formLive, Work, Play – Be Safe!



3 responses to “Lighting up West Hollywood

  1. OH….security lights…I thought you were talking about the Christmas lights on Santa Monica Blvd!

  2. Please note – two shootings in West Hollywood last week –
    1) Genessee / SMB – man shooting revolver out of his apartment window (he had a rifle too). Nobody injured.

    2) Sweetzer/Romaine area – another shooting – no fatal injuries.

    Please be careful out there.

  3. I love you Brother. You are an amazing Man.

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