The White Knot – first tied in West Hollywood

Proving that West Hollywood is once again at the forefront and cutting edge of just about, hmm, everything, along comes the White Knot.  Founded by West Hollywood resident, and media wiz-kid, Frank Voci, the White Knot is a symbol of support for Marriage Equality.  Why the White Knot?  “Because everyone should be able to tie the knot.” Remember the Red Ribbon for HIV/AIDS?  And everyone knows that a Pink Ribbon is the symbol for Breast Cancer.  October was Breast Cancer awareness month and we saw pink everywhere.  Now it is time for the GLBT Community and all of our allies to proudly and regularly display our commitment to Civil Rights and against Discrimination.  It will open the door for many to talk about why Marriage Equality is important to everyone.  Imagine your Mom wearing her White Knot to work and explaining why to her colleagues.  Or your younger brother wearing it to his basketball game.  This is an opportunity to change hearts and minds and keep the momentum and dialogue moving forward.



2 responses to “The White Knot – first tied in West Hollywood

  1. I love this outward expression of our battle cry!
    And my favorite part of the website is….the “do it yourself” instructions for making your own White Knot! Love it love it love it!
    This mom will be making several, and will definitely be wearing hers ALL THE TIME!

  2. Love it! Simple and effective!

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