WeHo takes No on Prop 8 to the streets

A couple hundred energetic voters gathered in West Hollywood Park on Sunday before taking to the streets at major intersections around West Hollywood.  The idea is to remind people to vote, and that every vote is needed to Defeat CA Proposition 8. If you are for Equality for All and against discrimination of any kind, please Vote No on Prop 8.  Every vote counts.


2 responses to “WeHo takes No on Prop 8 to the streets

  1. This is absolutely amazing! Amazing! I am so proud of those that are out and about sharing the TRUTH that Prop 8 = Discrimination and Hate! Please keep up the good fight!

    Below is what I wrote in my journal yesterday, November 2nd, about my experience on the streets of Rancho Cucamonga, CA:

    “So today, my hubby and I were on our way to breakfast and then to our local Lowes to do a little home improvement shopping when what do my wondering eyes should appear….women, mothers with children, standing in front of the local catholic church with their Yes on 8 signs….they seemed to be enjoying themselves as they waved their signs of discrimination and hatred.

    I was so upset. So hurt. So outraged. So saddened.
    How could WOMEN-MOTHERS participate in such a blatant exhibition of discrimination?

    Women know so well what it is and how it feels to be discriminated against (after all we had to FIGHT for the right to vote!) Mothers are to teach their children, our future generations, about love and acceptance.

    Women on the street, raising their signs of hate , modeling for their children what they believe – that it is ok to discriminate against American citizens. Tears welled in my eyes.

    Hubby and I had our breakfast, did our shopping, and our topic of discussion throughout our morning was what we witnessed on Foothill Blvd.

    We headed home, and I was still torn up from what I had witnessed in front of the church. And then I saw it. I couldn’t believe it…I thought I was seeing things…I stopped talking and I think I even stopped breathing for a minute…
    A RAINBOW FLAG was being waved by a young man on the corner..and he was next to other men and women of all ages, waving rainbow flags, No on 8 signs, handmade signs with messages of equality. Across the street was another group of brave folks with the same flags, signs and posters.

    My husband started honking the car horn! I rolled down my window and began cheering! Applauding their bravery, their fearlessness, their effort to share the truth!

    And once again my eyes were filled with tears. But this time not because I was angry or sad, but because I was filled with hope.”

    While the numbers in my town were not as great as the numbers represented in these pictures on your post Sam, the message being sent to everyone passing by them was the same. We are not going to take discrimination sitting down. We are taking a stand for equality! For truth! For Love!
    If only I had had my camera with me. What a beautiful sight it was. But even though I do not have a photograph to remind me, I have the image committed to memory. I will always remember the day the gay community and its allies stood up pubicly in Rancho Cucamonga!

    Vote NO on 8.

  2. oh my gah. I meant Publicly.

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