West Hollywood Halloween (Ready?)

This Friday is Halloween.  For many in West Hollywood it is a time of celebration, scare, and fun.  For others it is a different kind of scary; that of street closures, community overwhelm, and noise.  The official city Halloween Carnaval Web Site gives you all of the details including street closures, parking, shuttle service, and what you can expect once you arrive.  The city is actively discouraging patrons from bringing dogs to the event.  With as many as 500,000 expected, especially on a Friday night, it is dangerous for the dog and for guests.  Some also suggests that small children visit early so as to be away from the Carnaval as the crowd grows.  In addition, as we will have many people roaming through our neighborhood’s on the way to the grounds, we ask that neighbors and Neighborhood Watch groups be a little extra observant and call the Sheriff’s Station to report any incidents (310.855.8850).  Have Fun, Stay Safe.


One response to “West Hollywood Halloween (Ready?)

  1. I am just going to call my very own personal Mr. Safety.

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