St. Victor’s West Hollywood Update

The LA Times Online picked up the story.  You can see their post and comments on both sides of the argument here:

The site A Shepherd’s Voice is also reporting on the controversy.  They even used a picture from our site. Acccording to one post things were very different at St. Victor’s this past weekend.

Shelly Runyon said… Sad to report that the tables have been removed, a very gay “accepting” nuanced letter has appeared in the bulletin, and the good pastor has given a very moving but also “gray” and nuanced homily today, alas. No mention of sin and forgiveness, no mention of family, or church history on faith and morals, etc, etc. It was a wonderful sign of hope and truth for the 5 minutes it lasted!  October 19, 2008 9:29 PM

Clearly a passionate issue for many on both sides.  The good news is that there is hope.  The future generation was out in full force on Sunday in West Hollywood for this year’s AIDS Walk.  Students from all over Southern California Colleges, Universities, as well as Middle and High Schools, walking together to support APLA.  As we stood along the route with our No On Prop 8 – Equality for All signs, so many of these young, well-adjusted youth were cheering, clapping, thumbs-uping and supporting Marriage Equality.  If one student didn’t know about it, another filled them in.  Many even commented that they wished they could vote…and vote No. 


2 responses to “St. Victor’s West Hollywood Update

  1. That’s great news about the LA Times picking up your story, Sam!

  2. So, anyone want to admit to being the one who smeared dog feces on the doors of St. Victor’s last week? Clearly such a nice, tolerant, loving person–I’d love to meet him.

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