No on 8, St. Victor’s WeHo = discrimination

Today, on National Coming Out Day, October 11, St. Victor’s Catholic Church on Holloway Drive in the heart of West Hollywood, was hosting two information tables on the Yes on Prop 8 campaign.  Long known as a church supportive of, and open to, the GLBT community, their own web site boasts: 

We are located in West Hollywood and serve residents of that city and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles. We seek to serve the outcast of society, those marginalized through economic status, social disapproval or any kind of discrimination. God does not discriminate.


Let’s forget the separation of church and state argument.  There are plenty of members, maybe even some married members, of this community supporting this church while they are hosting a discriminatory, politically divisive action group.  I hope that the members of St. Victor’s in West Hollywood, and the entire community, take a stand against hateful, hurtful position.  Clearly the fight for equal rights is not over when right here in our back yard we are forced to live with this discrimination.  Vote No On Proposition 8:

Please join me at the church tomorrow, Sunday, October 12, to let their members know about this shameful action.  Masses are at 8:30 am, 10:30 am, and 12:15 pm we need your support. 


2 responses to “No on 8, St. Victor’s WeHo = discrimination

  1. woah… this makes me sick

    I wish I was there to join you in the morning.


  2. I am a gay member of St. Victors. What was officially said was ; ‘ the catholic church is against gay marriage but the priests at St. victors believe one must vote their own conscience. The tables were not set up by the church but by some of the members, some of which are gay. Nazies, where did that come from?

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