National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day.  We’re also a day away from the 10th anniversary of the murder of Matthew Shepard.  And one month away from the 30th anniversary of the murder of Harvey Milk.  Two men that chose to come out and live their lives freely.  Two men that were loved and are now beloved and remembered.  It is not easy to come out.  But maybe today, with the support of many, a new generation of world-changers will take that step.  Maybe now they won’t have to be struck down for being who they are.  Maybe they can be out, proud, and free.  Be there for them.  Be the best out person that you can be to show them that it is okay.  Be an ally.  Let them know that it is okay to be themselves, fully.   Embrace your own outness.  Happy National Coming Out Day!


One response to “National Coming Out Day

  1. I agree, it is not easy to ‘come out’. It took incredible strength and courage for my son to tell me of his sexual orientation. He was only 14 years old, and in his freshman year of high school. And although our family was extremely supportive and accepting of him and his news, he was still very nervous and anxious as he began his journey of ‘coming out’ . I cannot imagine what it must be like for those that do not have family and friends supporting them, loving them, accepting them, advocating for them.
    As a mother of a gay son, I too had my own journey of ‘coming out’ to do. If my son was brave enough to tell his family he was gay, then I certainly could be brave enough to tell my friends, coworkers, extended family and others that I was a proud mother of a gay son. I needed to show my son that I was not ashamed of him. There were several people that were less than welcoming of the our news and some that told me they felt sorry for me. I told them there was no reason to feel sorry for me…I was proud of my son, pleased as punch that he trusted me enough to choose me to be the one he told FIRST and that I looked forward to what the future held for our family with this new dynamic.
    It has been 4 1/2 years since my son came out, and I am as proud of him today as I was the day he called me at work and said “mommy, I think I am gay. ”
    If you are a mother of a gay son or daughter, embrace them, enjoy them, love them, support them, advocate for him. Be proud of who they are.

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