What are We going to do, WeHo?

Recent reports have sited new polls indicating that the misleading ads on Propostion 8 are taking hold with the haters.  Most of the emails and posts on facebook (yes, i am facebookian) that I have seen have asked for more money.  While $$$ is important to keep the correct message out, I wonder how much personal responsibility that we are all taking.  Joining the Support No on 8 page on Facebook accomplishes what?  Personal stories and sound reasoning are what sells.  I have been fundraising for GLBT youth services and organizations for over 10 years.  I am succesful because I tell a story and convince my audience why it is imperative to support youth.  This is what we have to do now.  We can phone bank.  We can go to the local No On 8 office and volunteer.  There is one right here in West Hollywood (7304 Santa Monica Blvd).  We can also host a phone bank party in our home.  We can educate ourselves.  There is a list of talking points to help.  We can send an email to all our contacts in California telling them, from the heart, why civil rights are so important to everyone.  We can talk to our friends and co-workers and get them on board.  What are we waiting for?  http://www.noonprop8.com/home


4 responses to “What are We going to do, WeHo?

  1. Thank you Sammy for reminding the citizens that they MUST get out there and speak the truth!

  2. Beautifully experssed! It is so important for all of us to do everything we can and WalkingWeHo.com brings up some great ideas. Looking forward to more…just discovered this site and find it just delightful!!!

  3. Great ideas, SamBorelli! It scares me that the “Yes on Prop 8” people are pulling ahead. I just signed up to work the phone banks to try to counter their insanity.

  4. So heartening to hear a voice of reason amidst the madness. WeHo is lucky to have you, Sam. We still miss you and your positive energy on the East Coast.

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