Vote, please!

This election, like almost every other, is being touted as the most important in modern times.  As an active “politico” I was not buying into that.  I think that every election is as important as the next.  West Hollywood, like most cities and towns, has election turnout ups and downs.  My guess is that we will get a higher voter turnout but we still need every single eligible resident to register.  The last day to register to vote for the November 4, 2008 election is Monday, October 20th. For more information visit

Yes, voting takes time.  Yes, it is sometimes confusing on where your polling place is.  But, imagine the consequences if you don’t.  Let me flip that around.  Imagine the possibilities when you do vote!  Marriage Equality in California is a giant leap forward for Marriage Equality in the nation.  Whether or not you are planning to marry, think about the effect on all those that deserve the right and think about all those in the next generation.  The message that it sends to the lonely teen in Podunk, Nebraska.  You are equal. 

Election day is just about a month away.  Mark is on your calendar right now.  Tuesday, November 4th.  And if time is an issue, remember that you have the right to take time from your job to go vote.  Also, absentee ballots are being received in the mail right now.  Just VOTE!   


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