Desperate House-Gay at TJ’s…

Imagine shopping at your local Trader Joe’s and nearly brushing up against ultra hot Tuc Watkins, the tall, dark half of the neighbor-gays on Desperate Housewives.  Yes, I nearly brushed! 

Tuc Watkins

Tuc Watkins

Still dreamy in his after workout sleeveless, I tried to get a look in his basket….shopping….but was blocked by his companion…male companion.  Maybe his trainer?  As they pulled out, Tuc driving an extended cab pick up, it was a scene right out of a Here TV made for gay on-demand television movie.  Keep trucking Tuc.


3 responses to “Desperate House-Gay at TJ’s…

  1. Thank you for the underpants pics! Oh my goodness!

  2. Yeah… he is HOT!!! Yummy!

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