How Facebook Hijacked WW

Okay, okay, I only have me to blame but the fact that my following wants fast updates really makes it a challenge to keep up with writing.   I didn’t cross over to the dark side of Twitter though.  Too much.  Okay, okay, we’ll review this post in a year and see who’s eating their tweets for breakfast.  Hmmm, breakfast.  To quote my boy-sister, Sean, there goes my GayDD.  Hmmm, DD Coffee.

Really, I blame this guy.  And so should the American Public.  

I went to a social media seminar last week and it said that the best time to post is Tuesday – Thursday.  Uh huh, right in the middle of the work week.  Productivity levels have probably shifted due to the Facebook Factor.  Of course, I am in Communications and have clients who’s Social Media sites I manage so I am doing business.  Okay, okay, sometimes I am for personal things too but my people demand it.  And like Meryl said, as Margaret Thatcher in Iron Lady, I’m merely a public servant.

It’s gotten so bad that I am actually considering re-titling my book.  In fact, I posted that just yesterday. See!  I’ll be better about keeping up with Walking WeHo.  But if it is too few and far between post for you, my faithful followers, you can always visit my FB page by clicking on Master Zuckerberg above.  Like!

Walking WeHo Wisely…

One of the most important things that we can do to protect ourselves is to be prepared.  West Hollywood is not immune to crime.  And our city’s Public Safety Division, in partnership with the LA Sheriff’s Department, work every day to curb crime and make our city safe.  That said, we are a destination city with lots of restaurants, nightclubs, bars, coffee houses, cultural events and the like driving many people into the city.   (And helping our local economy)

Frankly, we are also sometimes targets.  We’re here, we’re spending money, we have the latest smart phone, lap top, etc.  For the past 8 years, as a member of the Public Safety Commission, we are often at city events, neighborhood meetings, and other local sites educating on Emergency Preparedness, Vehicle Burglary Prevention, Crosswalk Safety and other topics through our Live, Work, Play – Be Safe Public Safety Education Campaign.  It also includes Street Robbery  Prevention.  Here I will list a few ways in which you can take steps to not be a victim of a crime.

Avoid Walking Alone at Night.  There is safety in numbers.

Walk with Confidence.  A little attitude can help.

Stay Alert.  See what is going on around you.

Keep Valuables Hidden.  Phone, Cash, Etc…

Stay Sober enough to take care of yourself.  Don’t be easy prey.

WeHo Sheriff’s Station is 310.855.8850.  Not all cell service connects to our local station by dialing 911.  911 is good, but it may delay depending on service.

Click here to view more information on Street Robbery Prevention.

Click here to view all of the Live, Work, Play – Be Safe brochures.

Together we can support each other and keep ourselves safe.

West Hollywood Halloween 2011

.. the City of West Hollywood hosts one of the largest Halloween Celebrations in the country.  Check out the city web site – for all f the best information.

West Hollywood’s long awaited Library + Book Fair

The City of West Hollywood will host the Dedication and Grand Opening of the new West Hollywood Library on Saturday, October 1, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 625 N. San Vicente Boulevard.

The City of West Hollywood will host the 10th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at the new West Hollywood Library and West Hollywood Park, 647 North San Vicente Boulevard in West Hollywood. The West Hollywood Book Fair is one of Southern California’s largest, most eclectic literary events attracting readers and writers of all ages and interests. 

Click on the images for full details…. 

Sunset Strip Music Festival rocks West Hollywood

August 18 – 20, 2011 brings the fourth annual Sunset Strip Music Festival, which celebrates the music and icons that have made an impact on the legacy of The Strip. The event debuted in 2008 .

MÖTLEY CRÜE is the 2011 recipient of the “Elmer Valentine Award” for their contributions to the history of The Sunset Strip. The Thursday, Aug. 18 award ceremony at House of Blues Sunset Strip will kick off the fourth annual event.

It’s an honor to be recognized by the Sunset Strip Music Festival,” said MÖTLEY CRÜE drummer Tommy Lee. “It means a lot to us that we are recognized for our contribution to this historic place.”

MÖTLEY CRÜE got their start on The Sunset Strip, as they performed many nights at the Whisky A Go-Go and The Roxy Theatre. The band also filmed their “Kickstart My Heart” video at the Whisky and for a while lived just up the street from the venue on Clark Street, making The Sunset Strip their official home.

For complete information – SSMF 

WeHo’s National Night Out Against Crime

Tuesday, August 2, 2011- It’s America’s Night Out Against Crime! 

List of Events for National Night Out 2011 (West Hollywood)

National Night Out campaign involves citizens, law enforcement agencies, civic groups, businesses, neighborhood organizations and local officials from over 15,000 communities from all 50 states, U.S. territories, Canadian cities and military bases worldwide. In all, over 36 million people will participate in National Night Out 2011.

In West Hollywood, twelve Neighborhood Watch groups and the City’s Recreation Services Division will be participating in this year’s National Night Out Against Crime. Groups are planning a variety of events that include block parties with BBQ’s, live musical entertainment, dancing acts and more. Recreation Services is hosting a Movie Night in the Park featuring the film “Despicable Me”. Last year nearly 2,000 people participated in National Night Out, and there was tremendous support from local businesses that donated food and prizes for the event. The events receive strong support and attendance from City Council members, Public Safety Commissioners, Sheriff’s personnel, Fire personnel, and City staff.

As in the past, this year’s slogan is “Give Neighborhood Crime and Drugs a Going-Away Party”.

List of Events for National Night Out 2011 [PDF]

LA PRIDE hits WeHo….

.. Starting on June 1, LA PRIDE takes over all things WeHo and LA.